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'Safe Space' Symbol Closely Resembles Occult, Pagan Runes

March 11, 2016

A special report by Resistance Media Executive Editor

In many schools across the country, "safe space" symbols are displayed, which are in fact dangerous attacks on free speech and traditional morality. But there is much, much more to the story! Could these symbols really be occultic runes that symbolize witchcraft, occultism, and Satanism?

Definition of "rune" -- "a mark or letter of mysterious or magic significance."

On December 13, 2015, I wrote an article on my old website, that exposed the threats to free speech that these symbols and policies pose.

So what is so bad about this? According to GSLEN, the official lobbying group for homosexual propaganda in schools, the upside down triangle " ... sends a strong message that ... anti-LGBT behavior is not tolerated in this school"
Forget the First Amendment! No free speech, the GAYSTAPO is coming!
The Orwellian "Human Rights Campaign" (NEWSPEAK) als…

FCPS Middle School Hands out Free "Breakfast" as SOL Scores PLUMMET

March 10, 2016

By ResistanceMedia staff 

On Wednesday, March 9, 2016, the day of the 8th grade Writing SOL, school employees at Key Middle School handed out free "breakfast" to students to attempt to improve the school's scores. The "breakfast" consisted of a slice of bread and a small bowl of orange juice. 

The "breakfasts" were only handed out in the areas where the 8th graders waited for school to begin in the morning. 
According to SchoolDigger data, Key Middle School performance has plummeted in the past year, plunging from the 68th to the 37th percentile from 2014 to 2015. Test score averages have also fallen almost 20 points, from 58 percent to 40 percent in the past year.
Cafeteria workers handed out free food, shouting "Free Breakfast!" to students as they entered the school building. 
To stop the free-fall, officials at all schools need to expel and suspend students for which that is required without worrying about political correctness …

Sexism in the SOL? Girls continue to CRUSH boys in SOL testing

By Max Smith

WASHINGTON — Girls passed Virginia’s Standards of Learning tests at a higher rate than boys did in 2015 for the third straight year.

State data released this week shows a higher proportion of female students statewide than male students passed tests on reading, writing and math.

Male students kept the edge in pass rates statewide on history and social sciences tests, but just by a single percentage point. Both male and female students passed science SOLs at approximately the same rate.

The data provided by the state does not include overall scores that would allow for a statewide average score by gender, or a breakdown of whether there is a difference between the number of boys and girls getting the highest mark of ‘advanced’.

In Fairfax County, 87 percent of female students passed reading SOLs for their grade or course level, while 83 percent of male students did. Girls in Fairfax County also had higher pass rates than boys in writing, math and science. Boys edged out…

Evolution Refuted Scientifically

Evolution: Unscientific Nonsense Masquerading as Science

by ResistanceMedia staff

March 4, 2016

The theory of evolution is constantly promoted in public schools as fact, but is it really fact, or is it a religion which has no scientific basis and is only used to explain away the existence of God?

In public schools across America, students are brainwashed with the idea that life arose from non-life, and then evolved from molecules to human beings over billions of years. This, in my opinion, is responsible for an increase in school shootings, and generally immoral behavior among children in public school. If all humans are is a clump of cells that originated from a "Big bang" explosion, then why should we be moral at all? If evolution is true, there can never be any objective moral standards, and therefore, every single act must be acceptable.

Evolution is not science. In order for an idea to be scientific, it must be falsifiable. That means that there must be a way to disprove …

Satanism in School?

Satanism in School? - A special report on occult books in school. 

This report exposes activities by schools which are not family-friendly and is not appropriate for young children. 

In September 2014, Orange Country Public Schools was ordered by a judge to allow the satanist group The Satanic Temple to distribute coloring books explaining Satanism to school students. In schools across the country, the occult Harry Potter books are in libraries. And in a middle school in Fairfax County, Virginia, students have discovered books which mock God and Christianity, depicting Him as a "rude, indolent teenage boy ... his only interest, finding hot girls to have sex with".

At Key Middle School in Springfield, Virginia, the book There is No Dog is prominently displayed, as this photo proves. 

In this photo, the book says, "God is dreaming of ... a naked girl". Please look at the picture and read the rest of that quote because it is quite graphic and should not be in print.