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Tyrannical Judge Demolishes Student Privacy In Ohio

A federal judge in Ohio recently ruled to allow an unnamed transgender student  unrestrained access to girl's locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms. The judge did not provide any reason for the decision, and admittedly ruled based on his personal opinion of the case, rather than the law in question.

The only thing almost resembling a legal justification for this tyrannical decision is the lawless Obama administration's "guidance" on transgender students who attend public schools, which is based on a nonsensical interpretation of Title IX, which forbids educational discrimination based on sex. The Education Department claimed that the term "sex" includes "gender identity", but that is obviously not true. Sadly, a law (Title IX) which was passed to protect girls' sports and activities is now being used to destroy them, as biological females cannot fairly compete with biological males, no matter what bodily mutilation they undergo.

From the Daily …

JEB Stuart High School's Incoherent Gun Control Propaganda Screed

JEB Stuart High School in Falls Church, Virginia operates an online, allegedly student-run, newspaper entitled The Raider's Digest, in reference to the school's mascot. While ResistanceMedia exposed last month the completely unethical and extremely sloppy journalism of the West Potomac Wire, the Raider's Digest is even worse.

Apparently, there are absolutely no journalistic standards at the Raider's Digest. While the FCPS establishment attempted to jam through a policy which would expel students who criticize the transgender agenda, they neglect, or refuse, to exercise even the most basic editorial control over their own publication. A substantial number of the articles that appear in the Raider's Digest website would earn a failing grade if they were submitted as a fifth-grade persuasive essay. That assessment may seem harsh, but you will see what I mean once you read what the Digest publishes.

I make typos and grammar mistakes from time to time, but they are noth…

Victory In Prince William County as Board Votes to Indefinitely Delay Transgender Policy

After an epic school board meeting in Manassas, Virginia, that included over 100 citizen speakers who flooded the school board to express opposition, the Prince William County School Board voted 5-1, with chairman Ryan Sawyers as the only no vote, to postpone a vote on proposed changes to the non-discrimination policy. The changes, as several speakers pointed out, could lead to the creation of "speech codes", as well as the suspension or expulsion of students who use the wrong "pronoun" for other students or teachers. Please understand that the word "pronoun" does not simply include "he" or "she". It includes a litany of invented terms ranging from "xir" to "ze".

The conservative Brentsville district, which includes large portions of western and southwestern Prince William County, was completely disenfranchised during the meeting. The Brentsville school board representative was called to active duty in the Navy in J…

LIVE UPDATES: Prince William County School Board Votes On Transgender Policy

The Prince William County School Board held a meeting regarding a gender-identity regulation that is similar to Fairfax's policy. ResistanceMedia has been live-blogging the event since the beginning. This is my live commentary. Please read it. Thanks! 

7:23 PM: Prince William County School Board Chairman Ryan Sawyers has just kicked off the Prince William School Board meeting. Sawyers mentioned "auxiliary rooms" where additional spectators are being seated. You don't see this at the average school board meeting!

7:25 PM: Ryan Sawyers is getting ROASTED by Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall, who is stating that the policy is " beyond arbitrary and capricious", and is hammering him for "intentionally depriving Brentsville Citizens of their voice." This is in response to the Board's decision to move forward with the vote, even without a representative from the conservative Brentsville District. He also (accurately) stated that "speech codes" …

Watch Public School Teachers ADMIT to Pushing the LGBT Agenda in Class

In this video, from a movie used to train teachers to be "sensitive to LGBT issues", teachers are instructed to "educate" students to support the LGBT agenda. 

It's only 45 seconds. Please watch this video to see an astonishing level of elitism and disregard for parents among the individuals to whom many readers entrust their children during most weekdays. 

Karen Garza to Preside Over Pro-Common Core Group

Karen Garza, who recently resigned as Superintendent of Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) in Virginia, allegedly left FCPS for a position as president and CEO of Battelle for Kids, a "nonprofit" group that sells educational training to teachers. Garza will make approximately $360,000 per year. 

Battelle for Kids received $250,000 in July of 2013 from the globalist Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to "support the implementation of the Common Core State Standards." This is ironic as Virginia is one of the only states to have never adopted the Common Core Standards. Many other states, after seeing the disaster that Common Core really was, ended up dumping the standards, but this was only after previously adopting them. 

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was the driving force behind the creation of Common Core, spending hundreds of millions of dollars to force centralized education down America's throat.  

From the Washington Post: (which appears to be in awe …

BREAKING: Karen Garza Resigns as FCPS Superintendent

Today, FCPS Superintendent Karen Garza resigned from her position, only two months into her 4-year contract, which was recently renewed on July 1. 

Under Garza's reign, FCPS violated the Freedom of Information Act by delaying release of public records for months after the statutory deadline, rammed through a controversial and dangerous transgender "non-discrimination" policy with far-reaching implications from athletics to free speech, and filed frivolous lawsuits to delay public records release until after the school board election. 
Here at, Garza will not be missed.

Concerned Women for America Releases Important Information About FCPS Gender Identity Policy

Concerned Women for America, a national conservative activist group with up to 750,000 members, has exposed the implications of the FCPS "gender-identity" policy, and urging parents to opt their children out of the annual FCPS Youth Survey.

Dear Friend,Do you or someone you know live in Fairfax County? If so, please read the following important information and pass it along to any parents of students in the Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) District.We reached out to you in July regarding the new transgender “guidelines” that were to be implemented into the curriculum by the Fairfax County Public School Board. You made your voice heard then, and now we want to inform you about the latest regarding the newly revised Family Life Education (FLE) curriculum as well as the added “gender identity” section of the FCPS nondiscrimination clause and Policy 1450 – neither of which has been well-explained by the School Board.It has become evident that your elected representatives on th…

Ryan McElveen's Social Justice Hypocrisy

Ryan McElveen has long been considered a "social justice warrior." In fact, he is even listed on, which is a website that lists individuals that are "on the record supporting ... government censorship" in the name of social justice. This website emerged as a response to the radical left's attempts to shut down critics through public shaming, slander, and harassment.

McElveen has introduced several measures, including but not limited to FCPS' seminal gender-identity policy, that allegedly protect the rights of "LGBT" Fairfax County students.

But does McElveen practice what he preaches?

As this website recently reported, Ryan McElveen has been employed at high-level positions by both the Clinton Foundation and the Brookings Institution, both of which receive millions of dollars per year from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other nations in the Islamic world.

Qatar, a major donor to McElveen's Brookings Institution, prescrib…

VA Supreme Court to Hear Lawsuit Against FCPS

Recently, the Virginia Supreme Court agreed to hear a lawsuit filed against FCPS by the conservative organization Liberty Counsel, which represented an anonymous FCPS student and his/her parents. The student alleges that his/her civil rights were violated by the FCPS policies that allow individuals to use restrooms, locker rooms, and showers based on their "gender identity", not their actual, physical, gender. According to the Liberty Counsel, the FCPS policy constitutes an invasion of privacy.

The lawsuit was appealed from the Fairfax Circuit Court, where Judge Brett Kassabian dismissed it on procedural grounds. However, the Virginia Supreme Court disagreed with the Fairfax court's dismissal, noting that the 30-day filing deadline that Judge Kassabian ruled that the Liberty Counsel violated did not apply to the type of case that was filed.

From the Washington Times:

Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, which brought the lawsuit against the school board, s…

They Don't Care What We Think, And Yet They're Begging For More Money

There is a tax referendum on the ballot this November in Fairfax County.  If it passes, the Board of Supervisors would be empowered to enact a “meals tax,” which would add up to 4% to “the amount charged for prepared food and beverages,” with 70% of the net revenue dedicated to FCPS.  And FCPS needs the money.  As explained by Janie Strauss at the July 28 2016 meeting, there is “structural imbalance” in the FCPS budget:  we have recurring expenses that exceed the recurring revenue.  It is $10.6 million for 2018 even with a one-time transfer of funds that were leftover from 2016.  So the options are between making a bunch of unpopular cuts that may affect the quality of the education provided, or finding additional revenue.  The Board of Supervisors wants to pick door #2.

Leaving aside the question of whether this is actually a good idea, I think the tax proposal is going to fail.  Maybe I’m the only one who remembers the great transportation tax war of 2002.  Way back in that ancient …

Ryan McElveen's Corrupt Connections

Ryan McElveen, the youngest -- and most liberal -- member of the Fairfax school board, is idolized by students, who mistakenly believe that he has the authority to call snow days. However, McElveen has promoted totalitarian policies, such as an attempt to ban all speech, both on- and off-campus, that criticizes the transgender or homosexual agenda. This is antithetical to the free speech interests of FCPS students, yet they still idolize him.

But, in addition to his unconstitutional and dangerous policies, Ryan McElveen is heavily engaged with corrupt organizations that accept millions of dollars in bribes from foreign countries.

According to his official biography, Ryan McElveen has worked for the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative, both of which are extremely corrupt and must be shut down.
However, some readers may question the level of McElveen's involvement in the Foundation, which employs thousands of people, many of which are not fully culpable in the organizat…

Colorado University Bans Criticism of Human-Caused Global Warming

Is FCPS next? With the trend being created by the 2016 Student Rights and Responsibilities document (NEVER sign it) and its apparent ban on criticizing the increasingly aggressive and radical transgender ideology, this type of censorship may start popping up in Fairfax science classes in the near future.

From the racist hate site (that does not even have a right to exist)

"In the midst of national debates concerning free speech on college campuses, the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs has opted to clamp down on students who challenge the reigning orthodoxy regarding manmade global warming.Last week, three professors co-teaching a course titled “Medical Humanities in the Digital Age” emailed a statement to all students informing them that anthropogenic climate change is not up for debate in their course.“We will not, at any time, debate the science of climate change, nor will the ‘other side’ of the climate change debate be taught or discussed in this cours…

Hillary Campaign Blames Trump For School Bullying

Recently, "Crooked" Hillary Clinton, probably in an attempt to defray the recent impacts of the recent scandal where she "lost" (destroyed) 13 different cell phones, and ordered her husband's aide to destroy two with a hammer, released an article on her "feed" which claimed that "Trump's hateful rhetoric is having a heartbreaking impact on students."

Crooked Hillary's website states that the Southern Poverty Law Center, a liberal activist group posing as a civil rights organization, surveyed teachers across America and that the teachers reported that "students, particularly Muslims and [illegal] immigrant students, are worried about ... the election."

According to one teacher, a 4th grade student is worried that he will be required to wear a microchip identifying him as Muslim. Other students allegedly fear a return to slavery. The group reports that some "native-born African-American students worry that they will be s…

Do Not Sign The FCPS SRR Letter!

Yesterday, Fairfax School Board Member Elizabeth Schultz, on WMAL, urged parents to refuse to sign the annual "Student Rights and Responsibilities" document and to opt out of school programs such as "Family Life Education" and the annual Youth Survey.

Schultz mentioned that she wrote "declined to sign" on her own children's SR&R packets, and that she has been working with the FCPS superintendent to ensure that no repercussions whatsoever can be enforced against parents for refusing to sign the SR&R.

If Fairfax attempted to retaliate against parents who refused to sign the SR&R, the legal and media backlash would be immense, and FCPS could lose several millions of dollars in court for violating parental rights and abusing power. Parental rights have been repeatedly upheld as fundamental in the Supreme Court (however, we still need a Parental Rights Amendment because legal tides can turn very quickly!)

The SR&R contains language which wi…

FCPS Uses Sexually Suggestive Images to Convince Students ... Not to Send Sexually Suggestive Images!

A newly released photo, taken by a FCPS student and sent to, shows a poster in a Fairfax school that warns of the consequences of "sexting", or sending sexual images through text messages. The photo of the poster appears below:

The poster warns that "sending sexually explicit photos by cell phone, computer, or any electronic device may be a felony." However, if that model in the poster is under 18, it may be FCPS who is committing a felony. Disseminating sexual images of children is considered a felony in Virginia and can result in mandatory registration on the state sex offender list, according to Should Karen Garza be a registered sex offender? 

This development is actually only one of many of the FCPS establishment's actions that have resulted in sexually graphic materials running rampant in Fairfax schools. Here are a few of the FCPS establishment's most recent scandals involving inappropriate materials being promoted and/…