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Activist Groups Infiltrating Schools With Leftist Propaganda

Several liberal groups have begun promoting racially charged and politically biased propaganda for public school classrooms.

For example, the Universalist Unitarian Association (UUA), a religion which has no unifying creed except social justice, has published "Examining Whiteness" curricula which aims to assist White people to "transform their whiteness" and become warriors against "white supremacy." The curriculum contains the following lessons:
The History of White Supremacy in the United StatesThe Emotional Lives of White PeopleRacial Identity DevelopmentRacial Identity JourneyWhite Power and PrivilegeDeveloping a Positive White Identity If the word "White" was replaced with any other race, that race's activist groups would be rioting outside the UUA headquarters, and they would be boycotted out of existence. 
But because "historic white supremacy", this is OK. However, the very existence of anti-White propaganda programs such a…

VIDEO: Public School Teacher Shoots Trump With Water Gun; Screams "Die!"

UPDATE: 4:00 PM, January 26, 2017 - The teacher has been identified as Payal R. Modi, who teaches Art in a Dallas, TX high school. This article has been featured in several major media outlets including Fox News and Thank you to all readers who commented as well as shared this article with the media!

A video shows an unidentified public school teacher firing a water pistol at an an image of President Donald J. Trump projected onto the classroom whiteboard.

The video was apparently taken during President Trump's inauguration, but was not posted to Twitter and YouTube until this evening.

As President Trump takes the stage, the teacher lunges towards the whiteboard and repeatedly fires the water pistol while screaming "DIE." She then begins whimpering and fires the pistol several more times. Students can be heard in the background saying "Hit him" as she fires at the projection of Trump.

You can view the full 9-second video below:

As of now, the…

Ryan McElveen Tweets Veiled Anti-Trump Message

Today, Fairfax County school board memberRyan McElveen posted the following message on Twitter.

"To all of our students who are worried about what the future holds, know that we love you, we stand with you, and we will fight for you."

Coming on Inauguration Day, this tweet is clearly a thinly veiled attack on President Donald Trump.

But many of his followers were not pleased with his divisive behavior, and were not shy to voice their disapproval.

@RyanLMcElveen so what do you say to students that are actually excited for the future? — Coleen Murray (@ColeenMurray1) January 20, 2017
@RyanLMcElveen How about showing patriotism today instead of provoking senseless fear. #shameful — Victor (@realVFuentes) January 20, 2017
@RyanLMcElveen Let's hope our students aren't worried but proud of our democracy and united as a nation! #Inauguration — Kristi Beckman (@KristiBeckmanAU) January 20, 2017
@RyanLMcElveen are you going to include staff/students who are excited, hopeful, and r…

Teacher Refuses To Show "Mr." Trump's Inaugural Address

A fourth grade teacher in Michigan has declared that although he will show his class the live inauguration of President-Elect Donald J. Trump, he will censor Trump's actual inaugural address, citing false media reports that Trump has made derogatory statements about "minorities and the disabled."

Brett Meteyer, who teaches at Explorer Elementary School near Lansing, sent a letter to parents, leaked to a local conservative radio host, explaining why he showed the full speeches of Presidents Barack Obama and George Bush during their inauguration, but believes that President Trump is somehow different.

Dear Parents,Because I am concerned about my students and your children being exposed to language and behavior that is not in concert with the most conservative social and family values, I have decided to show the inauguration of Donald Trump this Friday, but we will not view Mr. Trump's inauguration speech. Because every peaceful transition of power is a historic moment, …

'LGBTQ Nation' Columnist: Displaying President Trump's Portrait Is Hate Speech, 'Triggering'

In an article written for the "LGBTQ Nation", a pro-homosexual blog, writer Warren Blumenfeld (an anti-Christian bigot, Cultural Marxist, and supporter of terrorist Bill Ayers) claimed that schools displaying a portrait of President-Elect Donald J. Trump, even along with other presidents, could be "hate speech."

Blumenfeld quoted students as well as "educators" on the "controversy" about whether or not to display President Trump's portrait in school. However, despite Blumenfeld having painted it as a raging debate, there are no other articles - anywhere - about this topic. This appears to be a non-issue that the Social Justice Warriors at the LGBTQ Nation are trumping up (no pun intended) to obtain clicks and shares for their website.

According to Blumenfeld, a school counselor stated that having a picture of Trump in a classroom was like "running a swastika up the flagpole." But the fact that "ze" would say this says les…

Trump Supporter Attacked On NC School Bus In Shocking Hate Crime

A supporter of President Donald J. Trump was attacked on a school bus in Southern Pines, North Carolina, according to a new report by 15-year-old Patrick Daly, a 9th grade student at Pinecrest High School, who is white, was repeatedly punched by two black students for supporting Donald Trump. According to his parents, race was a factor in the assault in addition to politics.

The Moore County Police Department has filed assault charges against one of the perpetrators, Anthony Martin, and Daly filed an impact statement with the court, explaining how the thugs used a portable speaker and smartphone to play the obscene rap song "F*** Donald Trump." According to Daly, the song was played every day for three weeks during the ride home from school. The bus driver did absolutely nothing about this, even though the song contained over 50 racial slurs and obscenities and multiple references to violence against Trump and his supporters.

Here is Daly's full statement:


6th Grade Teacher Admits To Brainwashing Students Against Pledge of Allegiance

A sixth grade teacher indoctrinated xyr students against the Pledge of Allegiance, according to a liberal blogger who painted the indoctrination in a positive light. Warren Blumenfeld, a far-left writer, published an article recently in the pro-homosexual blog LGBTQ Nation, which made numerous ridiculous claims about President-Elect Trump. As part of this article, the subject of which was the contrived "controversy" over whether or not to display President Trump's portrait in schools, Blumenfeld interviewed several so-called "educators" about their views on the "issue."

One of them, a sixth grade teacher at a  "high poverty" school, admitted to teaching a lesson about quarterback Colin Kapernick's refusal to stand for the National Anthem. Apparently that lesson was more propaganda than an accurate portrayal of the issue, as she managed to convince "most" of the students to sit down during the Pledge of Allegiance.

One teacher re…

Orwellian School 'Harassment' Policies Threaten Freedom of Speech

One of the most common arguments in favor of school district transgender "non-discrimination" policies is that such policies prevent "bullying" and "harassment." But what is bullying and harassment? Definitions are often so broad and all-encompassing that people end up being severely penalized for "harassment" when all they did was speak their mind.

Real-life examples of how "harassment" is really an excuse for censorship are abundant.

In Massachusetts, a renowned urologist was fired by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center because he sent emails to hospital officials expressing concerns about the hospital's "aggressive promotion of and involvement in LGBT activities ... and its emphatic push for staff participation in them." He was informed that his opinions "constituted a violation of the hospital’s Discrimination and Harassment Policy." An Illinois school attempted to censor a student's shirt that said &quo…

Parents' Group Develops Rating System For FCPS FLE Lessons

A new website,, has developed a rating system for FCPS Family Life Education (FLE) classes, explaining in detail the content of each lesson in order to help parents make an informed decision about whether or not to opt their children out of FLE.

Each lesson from grades Kindergarten through 12 is given a Green (acceptable), Yellow (caution advised) or Red (opt out recommended) rating. The site also includes a paragraph-long summary of each lesson.

Meg Kilgannon, who was involved in the creation of, explained the purpose of the website.

"We hope that parents will be intrigued by our ratings and review the lessons for themselves. The ultimate goal is for parents to know what is being taught in FLE. Parents need to make an informed decision about this subject matter. They can do that by reviewing the lessons on blackboard. Our guide can help if parents don't have time, but our ultimate objective is parental engagement. Opt out or don't, b…