Activist Groups Infiltrating Schools With Leftist Propaganda

Several liberal groups have begun promoting racially charged and politically biased propaganda for public school classrooms.

For example, the Universalist Unitarian Association (UUA), a religion which has no unifying creed except social justice, has published "Examining Whiteness" curricula which aims to assist White people to "transform their whiteness" and become warriors against "white supremacy." The curriculum contains the following lessons:

  • The History of White Supremacy in the United States
  • The Emotional Lives of White People
  • Racial Identity Development
  • Racial Identity Journey
  • White Power and Privilege
  • Developing a Positive White Identity
If the word "White" was replaced with any other race, that race's activist groups would be rioting outside the UUA headquarters, and they would be boycotted out of existence. 

But because "historic white supremacy", this is OK. However, the very existence of anti-White propaganda programs such as this one proves that 'white supremacy" does not have any influence. In a "white supremacist" nation, the people behind this curriculum would be in jail. There would be no such thing as affirmative action programs. Organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and NAACP would not make tens of millions of dollars per year from White people. 

Nonetheless, while the Unitarian curriculum is racially divisive and factually incorrect, at least it is taught to consenting adults. But another far-left organization, this time one with ties to domestic terror and political violence, has infiltrated our public school systems with anti-Western and anti-White propaganda while promoting open borders and the homosexual and transgender agendas.

In 2014, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) launched Teaching Tolerance, a magazine, website, and blog created in order to spread its political message into school classrooms across the nation. Teaching Tolerance provides resources and advice to teachers about how best to promote the Cultural Marxist agenda in their classrooms. Among those resources is a plan entitled "Talk About Whiteness."

The lesson plan, intended for high school, involves a guided viewing of the website Students are then told to answer questions based on what they saw.

Now, what is the "whiteness project?" Let's let its founder speak for himself. In an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian, filmmaker Whitney Dow, who created the Whiteness Project, made several false or racist statements - such as...
“I made this project for white people, not for people of color. If white people are going to participate in changing the racial dynamic, we need to deal with our own s*** first.”
Dow also made the patently false anti-American claim that "white supremacy" is "codified" in our founding documents.
"Look at the f***ing founding documents! White supremacy is codified in them!"
It is not exactly clear what he means - however he is most likely referring to the Three-Fifths Compromise, when slaves were counted as three-fifths of a free person for purposes of congressional representation. However, this compromise was intended to prevent (non-voting) slaves from creating a permanent political majority for states which allowed slavery - and thereby make it possible for slavery to eventually be abolished.

Another Teaching Tolerance lesson, intended for grades 3-5, tells teachers to devote an entire 90-minute class period to helping students discover their "identities", which include race, gender, religion and others.

But divisive racial identity politics are not the only part of Teaching Tolerance's classroom agenda. Teaching Tolerance also promotes the homosexual and transgender agendas in America's public schools, including to very young children.

A lesson called "What Makes a Family" is also aimed at 3rd to 5th grade students, and includes discussion of homosexual relationships. The organization does not even try to hide the fact that they are promoting homosexual "marriage", as evidenced by the text of the lesson plan.
"This activity allows students to explore diverse configurations that form families. For example, a household might include: LGBT, single-parent or adoptive families..."
"In pairs or a small group, brainstorm responses to “What makes a family?” Describe different family make-ups; for example, two dads and two kids, an aunt and a nephew, etc."

Teaching Tolerance admits that this lesson takes two to three hours to complete - two to three hours which could be spent on oppressive, non-diverse things like ... I don't know... math, science, or history.

But is this lesson just what one group wants schools to teach - or is it what is actually being taught?

The fact is, in a perfect world, Teaching Tolerance would be considered a radical fringe group and given no influence, especially on the minds of children. But this is not a perfect world. Parents have generally stopped advocating for their children if they choose to enroll them in public school. School administrators, who overwhelmingly lean left, are using the school system for political indoctrination rather than academic education.

Many arrogant educational and other "professionals" brag about their experience, often spewing lines like "I've been doing this for __ years", referring to their professional experience. Who died and made these "professionals" God? Parents should respond to these elitists by pointing out the fact that they are the ones with first-hand experience with THEIR children, which outstrips any academic training that the so-called experts may have.

Political propaganda in schools is a major problem, and arguably a problem which has been too often ignored by political figures on the right. We must take back the educational system and destroy the deadlock that the far left has on it. Parents, not bureaucrats, should control the educations of their children. strongly recommends homeschooling if at all possible. 


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