'LGBTQ Nation' Columnist: Displaying President Trump's Portrait Is Hate Speech, 'Triggering'

In an article written for the "LGBTQ Nation", a pro-homosexual blog, writer Warren Blumenfeld (an anti-Christian bigot, Cultural Marxist, and supporter of terrorist Bill Ayers) claimed that schools displaying a portrait of President-Elect Donald J. Trump, even along with other presidents, could be "hate speech."

Blumenfeld quoted students as well as "educators" on the "controversy" about whether or not to display President Trump's portrait in school. However, despite Blumenfeld having painted it as a raging debate, there are no other articles - anywhere - about this topic. This appears to be a non-issue that the Social Justice Warriors at the LGBTQ Nation are trumping up (no pun intended) to obtain clicks and shares for their website.

According to Blumenfeld, a school counselor stated that having a picture of Trump in a classroom was like "running a swastika up the flagpole." But the fact that "ze" would say this says less about Trump and more about the people our schools are hiring as counselors.

Further, Blumenfeld repeated sob stories about alleged bullying caused by Trump's victory, citing a discredited report by the $outhern Poverty Law Center,  and even blamed Trump for an eighth-grade student's alleged suicide attempt. Blaming enemies, political or personal, for alleged suicidal ideation in children is a common tactic for dishonest propagandists in the media and elsewhere in life. 

“My kids are quite savvy, and follow politics to some degree,” the educator says. “One of our strongest members is an eighth grader who came out as gay last year. He’s very bright, well-informed, conscientious, and outspoken. He tried very hard to find commonalities with his Trump-supporting parents. He struggled more and more after the election, finally he broke down stating he’s not a gay, and now fears rejection and humiliation from the very people who’ve been supporting him. Suicidal, he was hospitalized. Donald Trump’s bullying and hateful rhetoric separated him from his parents, then himself, and then potentially from his support network.”

However, President Trump has not even spoken out against the homosexual agenda, and even made sure to use the acronym (LGBTQ) that activists demand during his RNC speech, so there is no reason that an allegedly homosexual middle school student would attempt suicide because he won. There are clearly other issues involved and to blame Trump based solely on an anonymous email is dishonest - and could be considered defamation under the law.

But the fact that a radical leftist would publish such a ridiculous, over-the-top article is not surprising. Neither is the fact that we have "educators" who believe our president's picture is equivalent to a Swastika. One person ranting on a liberal blog is not a threat to the future of our country, but individuals who indoctrinate children with propaganda under the guise of education are. We must remove political propagandists from our school systems immediately!


  1. Their delicious tears are beginning to get a little stale.

  2. Displaying Obama's portrait is the worst form of racism. Never has a president done more to destroy race relations and allow wanton murder in sanctuary cities.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kn9Xsmj942E

    Pass it on

  4. No Obama was not worse just more dangerous. He was a idealist in power, the most dangerous type of person.

  5. No Obama was not worse just more dangerous. He was a idealist in power, the most dangerous type of person.

  6. Oh my here we go again get ove OT love our New President I vote for him & he doing a great JOB!!!


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