Parents' Group Develops Rating System For FCPS FLE Lessons

A new website,, has developed a rating system for FCPS Family Life Education (FLE) classes, explaining in detail the content of each lesson in order to help parents make an informed decision about whether or not to opt their children out of FLE.

Each lesson from grades Kindergarten through 12 is given a Green (acceptable), Yellow (caution advised) or Red (opt out recommended) rating. The site also includes a paragraph-long summary of each lesson.

Meg Kilgannon, who was involved in the creation of, explained the purpose of the website.

"We hope that parents will be intrigued by our ratings and review the lessons for themselves. The ultimate goal is for parents to know what is being taught in FLE. Parents need to make an informed decision about this subject matter. They can do that by reviewing the lessons on blackboard. Our guide can help if parents don't have time, but our ultimate objective is parental engagement. Opt out or don't, but make a conscious decision. Sexual health is too important to totally entrust to educational bureaucrats."  

To view the ratings chart, please click here.


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