Trump Supporter Attacked On NC School Bus In Shocking Hate Crime

A supporter of President Donald J. Trump was attacked on a school bus in Southern Pines, North Carolina, according to a new report by 15-year-old Patrick Daly, a 9th grade student at Pinecrest High School, who is white, was repeatedly punched by two black students for supporting Donald Trump. According to his parents, race was a factor in the assault in addition to politics.

The Moore County Police Department has filed assault charges against one of the perpetrators, Anthony Martin, and Daly filed an impact statement with the court, explaining how the thugs used a portable speaker and smartphone to play the obscene rap song "F*** Donald Trump." According to Daly, the song was played every day for three weeks during the ride home from school. The bus driver did absolutely nothing about this, even though the song contained over 50 racial slurs and obscenities and multiple references to violence against Trump and his supporters.

Here is Daly's full statement:

“On November 10th, I was riding my assigned bus home from school when two black students (fellow 9th grader Anthony Martin and a 10th or 11th grader named David) blasted the rap song ‘F*** Donald Trump’ from a portable speaker connected to a phone. They played that trash as loud as they could play it on bus #181 for three weeks, over and over. I was sick of it, but they just kept cranking it out like it was their new national anthem.
After I expressed support for Trump, Anthony — an unusually muscular member of the football team wearing his hair in dreadlocks — turned on me, taunted ‘Say Trump again!,’ and threatened, ‘Say Trump again and I’ll punch you!’ When I said ‘Trump,’ Anthony leapt over a bus seat and struck me multiple times with his fist. All I said was ‘Trump’ and boom, he full on lost it and began punching me in front of more than a dozen witnesses.
After Anthony threatened me with violence (because of my race and political views) and completed his assault, David placed the speaker on which he had been playing ‘F*** Donald Trump’ in front of me and played the rap recording repeatedly, after which he screamed in my face, ‘Now do you understand?!’”

This political and potentially racial hate crime was completely ignored by the mainstream media. Why? Because, like the Chicago kidnapping last week, it does not fit their narrative. In the world of the mainstream media as well as propaganda organizations like the $outhern Poverty Law Center ($PLC), Trump supporters are violent, bigoted monsters.

The establishment media is willing to ignore or falsify evidence in support of their narrative. For example, they unquestioningly report every accusation of a so-called "hate crime" committed in "the name of Trump." However, many of these "hate crimes" are proving to be false flag attacks committed by anti-Trump leftists. Others never happened at all.

Further, the $PLC deliberately omitted two thousand anti-White or anti-Trump school bullying incidents from their hit piece claiming Trump was causing a wave of "hate crimes" across the country.

But the response - or lack thereof - from the media is not shocking. What is surprising - showing the double standard from the educational elite - is that Anthony Martin, one of the perpetrators, is still on the football team and has several pages on the internet devoted to him and his achievements.

Imagine the reverse. If two White Trump supporters had teamed up and assaulted a Black person for stating support for Hillary, it would be on the front page of most local newspapers as well as covered by the national media. They would be expelled and charged with hate crimes. All of their scholastic achievements would be erased. But again, since it does not fit the dominant establishment narrative, the response is far different.

There is no data showing that Anthony Martin was punished by the school - and the fact that he was allowed to remain on the football team shows that the administration of the school really doesn't care about what he did.

Anthony Martin must be expelled from school. Again, if the situation was reversed, that would surely be the penalty.

Situations like these highlight the hostile environment facing conservatives in the public school system. Not only do they have to combat the often violent Left, but also an educational establishment which is generally heavily biased against them and enforces school policies with a double standard. ResistanceMedia highly recommends homeschooling if at all possible.

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