NoVA Teacher: 59M Americans Are "Idiots", Marijuana Will "Truly Make America Great Again"

In a series of tweets, Wakefield High School (located in Arlington County, Virginia) teacher Douglas Burns attacked President Donald J. Trump, using profanity in some of them.

Teacher Douglas Burns calls President Trump an "asshole" in a tweet posted Jan. 29. 

Also on Jan. 29, Burns compared Pres. Trump to "Fueher" Adolf Hitler.

On Inauguration Day,  teacher Douglas Burns praised an anti-Trump protest group distributing free marijuana, claiming that marijuana use is "already making America great again."

In a Dec. 22 tweet, Burns again compared Pres. Trump to Adolf Hitler.
A teacher at Wakefield High School calls President Trump's victory in the election "an act of terror."

In a post-election tweet, Wakefield High School teacher Douglas Burns calls the 59,000,000 Americans who voted to elect President Donald Trump "idiots."

Absolutely, Mr. Burns does have the right to express his opinions, including via social media. This is not a call for governmental censorship. However, it is a call to investigate if the tone he presents via Twitter is also the tone he presents in class.

I wonder how many parents with students in Douglas Burns' classes voted for President Trump. Does he consider them idiots? Does that color his interactions with their children in class? These are questions which must be answered and fully investigated.

Further, consider what the response would be if a conservative teacher had published the exact same things, but instead, had degraded the "millions of idiots" who had voted for FORMER President Obama or Hillary Clinton? The teacher would be fired. Would it not be fair to apply disciplinary action equally to both sides of the political spectrum?

Douglas Burns' email address is below. Contact him and tell him what you think. (ResistanceMedia does NOT endorse threats, obscenity, or harassment.)