School Counselors Exposed

School Counselors. When the term comes to mind, most people think of loving, kind professionals who help students with their school experience.

However, the facts show that most school counselors are elitists, political propagandists, and derisive to parents and their values. Some school counselors also buy into radical psychiatric theories which hold that socially conservative viewpoints are a form of mental illness.

It is important to note that this article is not an indictment of all school counselors. Rather, it is an indictment of the majority of school counselors, as well as their leadership. There are of course some school counselors who do provide legitimate academic support to schools. However, as a whole, school counselors are an undermining force against parents and families, their rights, and their values.

The most important piece of evidence against school counseling is provided by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), the nation's largest school counselor organization with tens of thousands of members across America. The organization has published "policy positions" which advocate for radical leftist political positions on issues such as the transgender and homosexual agendas. But this is not the main issue at hand. Not only does ASCA argue for their extreme views in the public square, they deride parents who disagree with them.

In an article entitled "Seven Solutions for Working With Parents," published in the ASCA magazine School Counselor, John Sommers-Flanagan (a professor of counselor education as well as an anti-Trump activist) and Megan Lapalm (a school counselor in Montana) make radical, disturbing claims which prove the true motivation and ideology of the majority of school counselors.

Sommers-Flanagan and LaPalm basically argue that any opposition to the homosexual agenda is a form of mental illness that school counselors should treat using dialectical behavior therapy.

"Radical acceptance is both an attitude and an intervention derived from dialectical behavior therapy. As an attitude, radical acceptance enables you to approach each parent with an overarching, pervasive dialectic belief that we translate as 'I completely accept you for who you are and am committed to helping you change for the better.'"
"Radical acceptance is also a skill. For example, a radical acceptance response to a parent who states 'I don't believe in homosexuality, so I better not catch you teaching that homosexual agenda in the schools' is something like, 'Thanks for sharing that. Lots of parents have strong beliefs but never tell me about them. I appreciate your honesty.' As a skill, radical acceptance allows school counselors to affirm parents’ openness, no matter how extreme or obnoxious their beliefs may be, and this openness is worth affirming because if parents never tell you their beliefs, you have no chance of helping them change."

 You can read the whole article at this link (pages 12 through 13.)

This should be extremely disturbing to all who care about parental rights or freedom of conscience. School counselors, according to the publication of their largest national union, are instructed to covertly use psychological manipulation tactics to "change" parents' political views. They also insult those who they disagree with as "extreme" or "obnoxious."

In addition, the very same article features a prominently located quote which states that parents should see themselves as "relatively equal partners" in the school counseling process - or, that government counselors should have more influence on children than their own parents.

School counselors are also co-belligerents in the "War on Boys" through the school system. For example, the basic natural right of self-defense has been undermined by many school districts and school counselors hold tortuous "feelings circles" in Virginia middle schools.

In conclusion, by their own admittance school counselors are heavily involved in political propaganda and view themselves as superior to parents. Who died and made the counselors God? While not all school counselors are arrogant, elitist, propagandists, too many are. That's why their duties should be limited to class scheduling only. NOT "social and emotional training." NOT "diversity." NOT "bullying prevention." Protect family rights and put the counselors in their place!

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