SOURCES: Political Chaos at Patriot High School as Administration Forces "Diversity" Down Students' Throats

Numerous sources, who would like to remain anonymous have informed ResistanceMedia that Patriot High School in Nokesville, VA (at the western end of Prince William County) has become the epicenter of a political conflict. On one side, according to our sources, are the majority of the faculty and a handful of vocal leftist students. On the other side are a group of conservatives who mainly want politics kept out of the classroom. The majority of the students are apathetic or in the middle.

The conflict is about a hallway near the school library - ironically named after former President Ronald Reagan - which the "International Club", with cooperation from certain school employees, has plastered with large posters proclaiming the school's "diversity." They read, "As one, we are [insert identity here.]" One of the posters allegedly contains the Black Power symbol, a raised black fist, which has been linked to communist and black supremacist organizations.

Principal Michael Bishop ordered the posters removed after they were originally posted, but after heavy pressure from far-left school board chairman Ryan Sawyers as well as the Washington Post, he relented and re-approved the posters along with even more.

At least one student is distributing a petition, which is gaining some traction, to remove the posters again, according to someone who signed the petition.

Our sources further state that the school's puppet student council president, Kenneth Barnes, gave an announcement last week praising black nationalist, communist and alleged terrorist Malcolm X. This announcement was cause for consternation from several students at the school.

Also, the "As one, we are LGBTQ+" poster was destroyed on Friday, February 17, according to the source.

Another poster with the same message was posted later in the day.

This means one of two things. Either the administration or faculty made the poster or a student made it during class time. If the former is true, then that would undercut the school's claim that this is a student-led initiative. If the latter, then that is an inappropriate use of "educational time" which never would have been tolerated if the poster had a different political message.

On top of that, our source says that the posters are over five feet in size and take up an entire hallway. Where did the "International Club" get the materials to create them? That is a question which must be answered.

Patriot High School should not be a place for political indoctrination and racial propaganda. Hopefully, students will continue to reject the posters and hopefully the administration will honor their wishes. will continue to keep you informed and welcomes all tips and leaks pertinent to any instance of school tyranny, including this one. (Contact

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  1. Patriot is the whitest school in Prince William county. No wonder there are so many racists like whoever your "source" is.


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