VICTORY: President Trump Abandons Obama Transgender Bathroom Diktat

President Trump's Justice Department stated today that they will no longer defend the Obama administration diktat on transgender bathrooms in public schools, which would have lead to mixed-gender facilities such as locker rooms and bathrooms.

The so-called guidance has already been blocked from being implemented nationwide by a federal judge in Texas last August. 

According to the most fake name in news, CNN, a hearing had been scheduled on the Obama administration's appeal, but the Justice Department canceled the hearing, signaling that both parties were in agreement that no law requires schools to open up girls' bathrooms to boys who allegedly "identify as female."

By the logic of Ryan McElveen and his comrade Ryan Sawyers, both leftist school board members in Northern Virginia, this move should shut down all transgender school bathroom policies nationwide. In May 2015, the Obama Education Department sent a letter to school boards claiming that Title IX (a law protecting against discrimination against girls' sports) required schools to allow students to use bathrooms and locker rooms based on their so-called gender identity. Many liberals, including the majority of the Fairfax School Board, passed on this letter as settled law and quickly jammed through radical policies with numerous far-reaching impacts, ranging from freedom of speech and religion to personal privacy.

If the Obama administration's position on a policy issue must be adhered to by the entire nation, then why does the same not apply to the Trump administration?

In any case, this action signifies that the Trump Administration, however moderate it may be on issues related to the radical homosexual agenda, will no longer attempt to abuse the power of the federal government to force a left-wing political agenda on our nation.