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Exposing the Southern Poverty Law Center, Part I: Deception

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a so-called civil rights organization, is commonly viewed by the corporate media as the objective watchdog of "hate and extremism" in modern America. However, the facts show that it is nothing more than a liberal activist group.

Each weekday, the SPLC blog Hatewatch publishes a list of headlines which purportedly support the group's political positions and contention that "hate" is on the rise in the United States. However, the sources for the headlines reveal the SPLC's political bias.

For example, look at the Hatewatch headlines for Friday, March 17, 2017. 

Among the nine national news outlets cited, only two (Gallup and the Associated Press) could even be described as mainstream media sources, while the other seven are far-left blogs, including Media Matters, Mother Jones, Huffington Post, Think Progress, and Right Wing Watch.  

Further, in the Hatewatch blog for Thursday, March 16, the SPLC reposted an article making the absurd claim that "the GOP is now a white nationalist party." 

Any organization with such a clear political bias should not be so reverently mentioned by the mainstream media and sites such as Wikipedia. But its obvious ideological slant is not the only problem with the SPLC. The SPLC also uses extremely deceptive tactics in its reporting.

The SPLC's "research" shows the number of so-called "hate groups" in the United States is on the rise.  According to the SPLC, there are currently 917 active "hate groups." However, an objective review of the facts proves that that claim is nothing but fake news concocted to defame conservatives and blame our new President for an alleged "spike in hate."

Firstly, the SPLC accounting of hate groups is extraordinarily misleading. Their most recent "hate map" reveals that there are allegedly 130 Ku Klux Klan (KKK) chapters currently active. Nonetheless, many of the groups are listed in multiple localities, such as the Ku Klos Knights of The Ku Klux Klan, which the SPLC states is active in the following cities and towns:

Church Hill, TN, Hazel Green, AL, Vance, AL, Cape Coral, FL, Hudson, FL, Wauchula, FL, Gurnee, IL, Illinois, Indianapolis, IN, Kokomo, IN, Muncie, IN, Indiana, Harrodsburg, KY, Battle Creek, MI, Springfield, MO, Leakesville, MS, Chapel Hill, NC, Sanford, NC, Hempstead, NY, Bally, PA, Butler, TN, Erwin, TN, Hendersonville, TN, Hixson, TN, Knoxville, TN, Lexington, TN, Memphis, TN, Murfreesboro, TN, Ohio, Meadville, PA, Oil City, PA, Gatesville, TX, Texas, Virginia
That ridiculous claim is gobbled up and regurgitated by the corrupt mainstream media - but it is almost certainly a flat-out lie. See for yourself - click this link to view the Ku Klos Knights' website. It is ridiculous that a group with such a primitive and poorly-done website could maintain dozens of subsidiaries nationwide.

None of these locations that the Ku Klos Knights supposedly exists in are confirmed by any independent research other than the SPLC's so-called proprietary research. There is a webpage on the KKK's site which lists "regional directors", but the page gives no more details than a suspicious-looking Gmail account. Not all of the alleged chapters listed by the SPLC are on the page, and there is no evidence of actual KKK meetings taking place in the alleged locations.

The number of KKK members and groups posited by the SPLC is even contradicted by their fellow anti-White, anti-conservative organization, the Anti Defamation League (ADL.) The ADL claims that there are only 3,000 members, spread among just 30 groups - a dramatically lower estimate than the SPLC's 130. It is very clear that the SPLC's fearmongering on the Ku Klux Klan is not based in fact, and the media doesn't care.

Further, the Southern Poverty Law Center dramatically exaggerates the number of "Neo-Nazis" in the United States. For example, they count one website, The Daily Stormer, as 31 separate hate groups. But even they say that The Daily Stormer is founded and edited by one person based in Ohio.

In the wake of President Trump's historic victory, the SPLC has published breathless articles claiming that his inauguration has "electrified the radical right." They claim that 2016 has been a "banner year for hate." (Despite the fact that the SPLC's own data shows a barely 3% increase in total hate groups, solely made up of increases in "anti-Muslim" and "anti-LGBT" groups, the SPLC's code for conservative political organizations.) Mainstream media sources, desperate for ratings and a new anti-Trump story, disseminate the SPLC reports uncritically.

But as shown in this brief article, those statements are malicious propaganda aimed at discrediting President Trump and raising funds.

The SPLC has dramatically overestimated the number of Ku Klux Klan and Neo-Nazi sympathizers, even contradicting a fellow liberal fake news purveyor, the ironically named Anti-Defamation League. At times, they have even published headlines that don't even match their own "research", such as their characterization of a 3% rise in alleged "hate groups" as "unprecedented" and "electrif[ying]."

This blatant dishonesty should disqualify the SPLC from its position in the media.

But, mainstream "journalists" continue to push SPLC fake news. Why? Because the lying press will never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

(This article is the first of a three-part series exposing the Southern Poverty Law Center's deception, defamation, and corruption. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3, coming as soon as possible. Also, please follow ResistanceMedia on Twitter @schooltyranny16.)


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