LEAKED: Ryan McElveen Gave Political Speech At Northern Virginia Scholastic Awards Ceremony

On February 22, 2017, an awards ceremony was held to honor Fairfax County Public Schools students who had created art worthy of recognition. The speaker at the awards ceremony was county school board member Ryan McElveen, who has been known, among other things, for allowing himself to be incorrectly credited for canceling school and attempting to expel students for criticizing the transgender agenda.

According to an anonymous source, McElveen gave a political speech at the ceremony, assailing President Trump's policies and lamenting the Fairfax electorate's defeat of a proposal to tax prepared food.

This is the source's comment in its entirety.

I attended the 2017 Regional Scholastic Arts Awards last night at NVCC (Annandale). Ryan McElveen gave a brief speech at this event. I found it extremely inappropriate at such an event, intended to honor and recognize the artistic accomplishments of students, that Ryan took this opportunity to lecture the audience on how the Trump administration "budget cuts" would adversely affect Fairfax County Schools and the arts programs. Even more disconcerting, was his assertion that had we passed the meals tax (voted down recently) we wouldn't have this problem. Extremely inappropriate remarks in that setting. I do intend to reach out him personally and the FCPS Board Chair to express my displeasure.
This is just the latest instance of Ryan McElveen using his office to push his political agenda. Ryan McElveen must be recalled.. Please continue to check this website for more information about school tyranny, public corruption, and government transparency in Northern Virginia. Additionally, you can follow ResistanceMedia on Twitter @schooltyranny16.

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