West Potomac High School Administrators Spend $12K on Trips Together

A new report by FOX 5 News revealed that the principal and assistant principal of West Potomac High School spent almost $12,000 of taxpayer money on out-of-state trips during their tenure at the school:

Travel records show that Case and Lyttle got approval for three out-of-state trips since July – with total costs for those trips adding up to more than $11,500 for the district.
There was a trip to Orlando in July for an education conference that Case and Lyttle attended with several other district employees.
Then in September, the pair went to Las Vegas for a school theater conference with one other district employee. Hotels costs for three nights at the Tropicana were almost $900 per person.
Case and Lyttle were set to make another trip in February to Phoenix for a conference. The assistant superintendent approved more than $2,500 in travel expenses for each of them. Case and Lyttle were put on leave before they could go.

This February, Principal Alexander Case and Assistant Principal Michelle Lyttle were suspended as a result of what the school district called a "personnel matter." (Case later resigned.) However, there is significant, although circumstantial, evidence that the two were having an affair, and with taxpayer funds!

Below are three questions which cannot be adequately answered.

1. Why were the two suspended at the same time - and for apparently the same reason?

2. Why were both Case and Lyttle taking multiple out-of-state trips every year? Even if the trips were legitimate, why couldn't only Case or only Lyttle attend?

3. If Alexander Case was doing nothing wrong, why would he resign?

Please note that ResistanceMedia is not a gossip website and was aware of the rumors almost a month ago. However, when immoral conduct in private turns into misuse of public funds and possible corruption, it is fair game for an article on this site.

A statement from FCPS claimed that Case and Lyttle followed procedures in obtaining the funds for the trips. If this is true, all it means is that this kind of misuse of tax dollars is rampant and not just limited to one principal. $12,000 on trips - in 9 months? Either FCPS is misleading the public and covering for their disgraced former employee or tax funds are being used on excessive trips across the county.

Which is it?

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  1. Case was fired and Lyttle continues to be employed by FCPS. Never mind that they were both out on paid leave for months. All of this at taxpayers expenses.


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