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The Truth Behind The J.E.B. Stuart High School Renaming Push

A shocking new report published by the Daily Caller has exposed the supposedly "student-led" effort to rename J.E.B. Stuart High School in Falls Church, VA as being "plagued with clandestine conversations and deceptive tactics", according to freelance reporter Drew Johnson

For approximately two years, the school, named after a Confederate war hero, has been the target of an orchestrated campaign promoted by local politicians, leftist advocacy groups, and the mainstream media. The goal is to rename J.E.B. Stuart High after liberal Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall.

The name change is expected to cost Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) over $1 million (even though FCPS is currently experiencing a $70 million budget deficit for the 2016-2017 school year.) Also, students and/or parents would be forced to purchase new spirit wear, physical education uniforms, and band uniforms if the name change is enacted. This could potentially lead to hundreds of thousands …

Unhinged Leftist Blog Smears Schultz Over Cartoon Frog

The far-left blog Blue Virginia has long been at war with Fairfax County School Board Member Elizabeth Schultz, from the Springfield District of Virginia. They have published article after article labeling her as "insane", "unhinged", "rabid" - all for exercising her constitutional right to freedom of speech.  
Recently, the sanctimonious bloggers at Blue Virginia published another smear against Schultz - this time calling her a Neo-Nazi because she quoted a Tweet with a cartoon frog. Yes, really.

Less than a month ago, the headline read Fairfax County unites against hate.  At least one FCPS School Board member doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo, as exemplified by sharing news of the French election with a prominent white-nationalist, (neo-)Nazi symbol.  For those somehow unaware after lots of news coverage about this, that’s Pepe the Frog associated in the image with National Front’s Marine La Pen.  Pepe has morphed over the past decade from an amusin…

EXCLUSIVE: Fairfax, VA Student Slams Liberal Indoctrination

By Louis Zhang

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) houses the country’s and maybe the world’s most competitive high schools and is infamous for their #closeFCPS trend that is still annoyingly popular today.

This school district is just another reason why living in NoVA is so great.

However, you’ve got an idiot running the thing, and he is called Ryan McElveen. You might’ve heard about his push to force gender neutral bathrooms, but that’s not all.

To show you the damage he and other board members have caused, let me welcome you to my school, Chantilly High School. This school, like approximately 100% of the schools in FCPS I have been to, brainwash you with liberal ideologies.

Your day here begins with some morning “news” about some SJW painting gay-inspired painting or this new hippy Islam club, but that’s not all.

Enter the monthly propaganda they throw around called “The Purple Tide”. This is almost just as bad as CNN if not worse. To show you just how bad it is, I’ll be showing s…

Schools Plan "Day of Silence" To Promote Homosexual Agenda > FIGHT BACK!

This Friday in schools across America, pro-homosexual Cultural Marxist activists will organize a "Day of Silence" when students and teachers remain silent the entire day, to demonstrate support for the "LGBT community." Many schools are either complicit or actively involved with pro-homosexual students and outside organizers, and in those schools, literature and trinkets are often distributed to students.

As the editor of, I considered writing my own article about the "Day of Silence" and how to combat Cultural Marxist political indoctrination through the school system - however, many other groups who specialize in counteracting the homosexual agenda have already written their own guides.

The article below is from, a conservative organization based in Massachusetts.

On Friday, April 15, high schools (and many middle schools) across the country will be hosting the LGBT movement’s annual “Day of Silence.” During this all…

ANTIFA Radicals Harass Virginia Baseball Fans

On Thursday, April 13, 2017, a left-wing group called the Coalition to End Discrimination protested the minor-league baseball team Potomac Nationals in Woodbridge, Virginia. Several affiliates of the far-left organization Antifascist Action (Antifa), which promotes and commits political violence,  also joined the protest, and one individual carried the flag of Antifa.

Several speakers addressed the group of approximately 50 protesters and spoke about the need to resist immigration enforcement and oppose Corey Stewart, who ResistanceMedia has endorsed for governor of Virginia. Speakers also argued for other liberal causes such as transgenderism.

A very revealing comment was made by candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates Elizabeth Guzman, who stated "we have to keep Prince William a minority-majority county" while discussing immigration policy. She was met by cheers from the crowd.

By stating this, she admitted the true goal of open border immigration policies - to red…

Protest Illegal Immigration and Sanctuary Cities, THIS THURSDAY!

A group calling itself the "Coalition to Battle Discrimination" is planning a protest at the Potomac Nationals Stadium in Lake Ridge this Thursday to demand that Prince William County "cut all ties" with ICE and end cooperation with immigration enforcement, thus becoming a "sanctuary county." There is also an anti-Trump and anti-Corey Stewart element to their protest.

According to their Facebook page, 109 people will attend their protest, and an additional 491 are interested. 
This protest will undoubtedly be a media circus, and the liberal press will have a field day with their (undoubtedly racialized) headlines about how heroic minority protesters are standing up to white oppression. 
Let's show them that the citizens of Northern Virginia do not look kindly on illegal aliens overwhelming our public services, flooding our neighborhoods with crime, drugs, and violence, and then being arrogant enough to demand that the criminals among them not be depor…

Exposing the Southern Poverty Law Center, Part II: Defamation

Last week, released Part I of a series exposing the Southern Poverty Law Center's fake news machine. Part I focused on the SPLC's extremely dishonest accounting of "hate groups" and its ridiculous overestimation of the reach of Ku Klux Klan and "Neo-Nazi" organizations.

Part II will expose an agenda that is arguably even more sinister. The Southern Poverty Law Center seeks to chill free speech by unjustifiably labeling conservative, nationalist, and Christian organizations as "hate groups." These characterizations are unquestionably accepted by the mainstream media, and have even been the catalyst for a domestic terrorist attack which the SPLC has not disavowed.

According to the SPLC, out of the 917 "hate groups" that are allegedly active in the US, 100 are white nationalist, 52 are "anti-LGBT", 101 are "anti-Muslim", and 100 are categorized as "general hate" - mostly "anti-immigran…

Failed Prince William County School Board Member Plots Run For Congress

Ryan Sawyers, who has been chairman of the Prince William County school board since 2015, recently announced his campaign for Congressman from Virginia's First District, which he may not even live in.

According to public records, Sawyers' address is 1911 Mountain Road, in Haymarket, Virginia ... part of the 10th Congressional District.

While there is no legal requirement for a congressman to live in the district they represent, it is considered to be important, and candidates who do not live in the correct congressional district are often viewed as out of touch.

But the residency issue is not the main reason why Ryan Sawyers is a terrible candidate. Here are four reasons why he does not deserve to be anywhere near the Capitol Building.

1. He is a radical leftist. Ryan Sawyers supports the transgender agenda - that a boy can claim to "identify" as a girl, and use the girl's bathroom and locker room from that point forward. He attacked citizens who disagree with hi…

School Newspapers Are Fake News

Many public schools have "journalism programs" which supposedly aim to teach students about ethics, honesty, and the value of thorough research. However, "student newspapers" have become liberal propaganda outlets, often pushing unsourced, borderline ridiculous claims which favor their political agenda - while masquerading as objective sources. 
Case in point - an article recently published by the "Raiders' Digest," the student publication of J.E.B. Stuart High School in Falls Church, Occupied Virginia, part of the Fairfax County Public School system.

"As you most certainly know, Donald J. Trump is currently president of the United States of America. However, this outcome may have resulted from an outside force. What I am speaking of is the fact that Russia had hacked the election system, and proceeded to edit results to make the candidate they favor win. 

During his campaign, Donald Trump has had a history of connections with controversial figure…