ANTIFA Radicals Harass Virginia Baseball Fans

An Antifa member protests Corey Stewart, Donald J. Trump, and immigration enforcement on Thursday in Woodbridge, Virginia. 

On Thursday, April 13, 2017, a left-wing group called the Coalition to End Discrimination protested the minor-league baseball team Potomac Nationals in Woodbridge, Virginia. Several affiliates of the far-left organization Antifascist Action (Antifa), which promotes and commits political violence,  also joined the protest, and one individual carried the flag of Antifa.

Several speakers addressed the group of approximately 50 protesters and spoke about the need to resist immigration enforcement and oppose Corey Stewart, who ResistanceMedia has endorsed for governor of Virginia. Speakers also argued for other liberal causes such as transgenderism.

A very revealing comment was made by candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates Elizabeth Guzman, who stated "we have to keep Prince William a minority-majority county" while discussing immigration policy. She was met by cheers from the crowd.

By stating this, she admitted the true goal of open border immigration policies - to reduce the proportion of the population that is white. In the past, this agenda was only discussed behind closed doors - but now, it is openly proclaimed as citizens who oppose massive immigration are slandered as "racist" or "xenophobic."

After the speeches were over, the protesters moved to the path leading to the entrance of the stadium. They took up positions on both sides of the path and shouted slogans, amplified with a microphone and speaker, at patrons of the Potomac Nationals, including young children and their families, the elderly, and the disabled. Even when no one showed any interest in canceling their visit to the game, they continued waving an Antifa flag and shouting "Don't pay for hate." This harassment was partially captured on video by ResistanceMedia.

Near the end of the event, as protesters began to leave, ResistanceMedia's  editor confronted an Antifa member and a liberal protester on Antifa's known penchant for political violence. The Antifa had no coherent response beyond the "Nazi card." According to the Antifa member, "Nazis" stabbed seven other Antifa members in Sacramento, California, in 2016, and this justifies random assaults on right-wing activists and the disruption of political events including those with absolutely nothing to do with the Sacramento confrontation.

But this argument is not even based in fact. The riot in Sacramento, which took place last June, was started when Antifa attacked a peaceful white nationalist rally with sticks, bats, fireworks, knives, and other weapons. According to the Sacramento police chief, the Antifa started the violence. No charges were filed against the so-called "Nazis" because even the liberal city of Sacramento concluded that they only used force in self defense. The Sacramento police chief stated that Antifa was "wreak[ing] havoc on our city."

Now, Antifa's primary target is not even "Nazis", because "Nazism" is basically non-existent. Antifa mainly attacks Trump supporters, conservatives, including homosexual conservatives, libertarians, and supporters of the alternative right (alt-right) movement, a blanket term for right-wing ideologies opposed to mainstream Republican Party neoconservatism.

And even if Antifa's opponents were actually Nazis or "white supremacists," our Constitution protects the right to free speech for everyone. Marxists are free to parade down the streets and openly express their views, but their ideology has caused over 10 times more deaths than National Socialist Germany's. Antifa would vehemently defend Communists' freedom of speech. Many Antifa are Communists themselves. Assaulting someone because you disagree with their political views is unacceptable, illegal, and immoral. Antifa is a domestic terrorist group.

There is a petition on the White House website and to formally declare Antifa as a terrorist organization due to their proven track record of violence against their political opponents. Combined, the two petitions have accumulated over 75,000 signatures.

To sign the petition, please click on "read more" below.

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