EXCLUSIVE: Fairfax, VA Student Slams Liberal Indoctrination

By Louis Zhang

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) houses the country’s and maybe the world’s most competitive high schools and is infamous for their #closeFCPS trend that is still annoyingly popular today.

This school district is just another reason why living in NoVA is so great.

However, you’ve got an idiot running the thing, and he is called Ryan McElveen. You might’ve heard about his push to force gender neutral bathrooms, but that’s not all.

To show you the damage he and other board members have caused, let me welcome you to my school, Chantilly High School. This school, like approximately 100% of the schools in FCPS I have been to, brainwash you with liberal ideologies.

Your day here begins with some morning “news” about some SJW painting gay-inspired painting or this new hippy Islam club, but that’s not all.

Enter the monthly propaganda they throw around called “The Purple Tide”. This is almost just as bad as CNN if not worse. To show you just how bad it is, I’ll be showing some photos.

This article highlights how Trump’s “reckless actions” will “devastate” the “majority” of the population.

An excerpt from Chantilly High School's propaganda rag, The Purple Tide.

This comic drawing shows that you shouldn’t use the word “gay” because it’ll trigger people.

Another excerpt from the Chantilly High School newspaper, The Purple Tide. Courtesy Louis Zhang. 

Here’s an educational chart showing you the many different non-binary pronouns (such as ze, xir, zem) to use! How handy!

Chantilly High School spreads leftist propaganda to the student body. Image courtesy of Louis Zhang.

Lastly, but not least, here is a very questionable map of the 2016 election, featuring a red Colorado, blue Pennsylvania, red Fairfax county, and more errors.

Obviously Chantilly High School doesn't know what they're writing about. 

I could go into details, but it’s likely they won’t be too interesting anyway. However, with this information, I hope you are know aware of the liberal stuff your child is being bathed in if you are a parent with kids in the system.

Here is my school’s newspaper site if you want to learn more.

Louis Zhang is in the 9th grade at Chantilly High School in Fairfax County, Virginia.