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Failed Prince William County School Board Member Plots Run For Congress

Ryan Sawyers, who has been chairman of the Prince William County school board since 2015, recently announced his campaign for Congressman from Virginia's First District, which he may not even live in.

Ryan Sawyers' official campaign photo

According to public records, Sawyers' address is 1911 Mountain Road, in Haymarket, Virginia ... part of the 10th Congressional District.

While there is no legal requirement for a congressman to live in the district they represent, it is considered to be important, and candidates who do not live in the correct congressional district are often viewed as out of touch.

But the residency issue is not the main reason why Ryan Sawyers is a terrible candidate. Here are four reasons why he does not deserve to be anywhere near the Capitol Building.

1. He is a radical leftist. Ryan Sawyers supports the transgender agenda - that a boy can claim to "identify" as a girl, and use the girl's bathroom and locker room from that point forward. He attacked citizens who disagree with his radical policies. To him, the interests of a group that makes up less than 1% of the population is more important than the safety of the 99%.

Sawyers, while Chairman of the School Board, a nonpartisan position, has attacked President Trump, lobbied for far-left immigration policies, and even used his own daughter as a political prop to raise funds for his campaigns.

2. He is unethical, and uses public office to target personal enemies. Before he assumed the office of School Board Chairman, Sawyers had been involved in a conflict with Patriot High School Principal Michael Bishop over use of a baseball field. (The two coach rival Little League teams in western Prince William County.) During his tenure, he has illegally retaliated against Bishop through an attempt to have Bishop fired. Sawyers has also allegedly discriminated against PWCS officials who did not support firing Michael Bishop.

In a clear act of corruption, Ryan Sawyers even changed the school board's sports field policy to benefit a private company that he has ties to.

3. He is hypocritical. Sawyers lectured the community on "responsibility while using social media." However, he has posted sexually suggestive and inappropriate comments on Facebook. has a more detailed overview of Ryan Sawyers' extreme hypocrisy on this issue.

4. He urges out-of-state activist groups to affect Prince William County Policies. In a speech given October 1, 2016, at the Northern Virginia Greene Pride event in Centreville, Sawyers told the homosexual and transgender activists gathered there to "call your school board members in Prince William County. If you don't live in Prince William County, I don't care."

Even more deplorably, when opposition was building to Sawyers' attempt to include "gender identity" in the PWCS non-discrimination policy, Ryan Sawyers brought in an outside activist group, the Anti-Defamation League, using its political clout to push the policy change. The Anti-Defamation League supposedly exists to "Stop the defamation of the Jewish people." Why are they getting involved in local political squabbles over contentious social issues such as this? Because they are a shameless political lobbyist group that hides behind Judaism to promote left-wing policies.

Ryan Sawyers' "campaign" is a joke. In fact, he should be recalled from office as the Prince William County School Board Chairman for his repeated betrayals of the public trust. Visit to join the effort.

 If you don't live in Prince William County, I don't care.

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