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Unhinged Leftist Blog Smears Schultz Over Cartoon Frog

The far-left blog Blue Virginia has long been at war with Fairfax County School Board Member Elizabeth Schultz, from the Springfield District of Virginia. They have published article after article labeling her as "insane", "unhinged", "rabid" - all for exercising her constitutional right to freedom of speech.  

Recently, the sanctimonious bloggers at Blue Virginia published another smear against Schultz - this time calling her a Neo-Nazi because she quoted a Tweet with a cartoon frog. Yes, really.

Marine Le Pen, the next President of France.
Less than a month ago, the headline read Fairfax County unites against hate.  At least one FCPS School Board member doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo, as exemplified by sharing news of the French election with a prominent white-nationalist, (neo-)Nazi symbol. 
For those somehow unaware after lots of news coverage about this, that’s Pepe the Frog associated in the image with National Front’s Marine La Pen.  Pepe has morphed over the past decade from an amusing (to many, tasteless) cartoon figure into an “Alt-Right” / Nazi symbol — a symbol that got heavy play and much media attention during the US 2016 presidential election.
While it should trouble all that a Fairfax County School Board member shares out material that is on the Anti-Defamation League’s list of online-hate symbols’ even innocently, what should proactive (or oblivious to implications?) defense of that action when confronted with Pepe’s neo-Nazi symbolism (here, here, here, …) indicate? 
Is it unreasonable to suggest that...
Perhaps a FCPS School Board Member should not be promoting anti-semitic, white nationalist symbols? 
The Fairfax County Public School’s Student Rights & Responsibilities handbook explicitly states: 
In FCPS, students have the responsibility to refrain from using words, images, or gestures that are obscene, violent, disruptive, or disrespectful. 
Is it unreasonable to expect that FCPS School Board members should hold themselves to the standards expected of students?
First of all, to say that Pepe the Frog is a "white nationalist, anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi symbol" is hilarious and simply a lie.

The Anti-Defamation League is a far-left open-borders, anti-Christian, and anti-White activist group - not an objective "hate watchdog." It also has relatively low marks from Charity Navigator  which rates charities for their financial management.

Just like the Southern Poverty Law Center, it uses the label of "bigot", "extremist", or "racist", among others, to shut down political opposition.

Its claim regarding Pepe is flatly ridiculous. Basically, people and organizations that the ADL does not like ("hate groups")  have used the cartoon frog meme, therefore, it is a "hate symbol."

But Pepe images have been shared on social media by many prominent people including President Trump - and it was the most popular meme on Twitter for all of 2015. Does the ADL really expect you to believe that all of those people are Neo-Nazis?

Further, the claims made in the ADL report and an associated article posted on the liberal website, The Daily Beast, are built on faulty information. The Daily Beast article was solely based on one anonymous source, claiming to be an Alt-Right Trump supporter, who admittedly "interspersed various nuggets of truth and exaggerated a lot of things, and sometimes outright lied — in the interest of making a journalist believe that online Trump supporters are largely a group of meme-jihadis who use a cartoon frog to push Nazi propaganda."

There are literally thousands, probably more like hundreds of thousands, of incarnations of Pepe. Even the ADL admitted that "The majority of uses of Pepe the Frog continue to be non-bigoted." Apparently this was lost to the blatant political hacks at Blue Virginia. Even their own (biased) source doesn't support their contention that Pepe is "Anti-Semitic" and "White Nationalist."

And anyone who equates the Alternative Right (Alt Right) movement with the KKK or Neo-Nazism is either badly misinformed or lying to you. The Alt Right, as the name would suggest, is a very loose umbrella term for right-wing political beliefs that are the "alternative" to mainstream conservatism, which Alt Right supporters view as more concerned with corporate tax rates and regulations than massive immigration and cultural decline.

Blue Virginia is a hateful, dishonest, and unreliable source for your news and information. All Virginia Democrats should immediately disavow Blue Virginia's hateful, inaccurate smear campaign against the only independent, common-sense voice on the Fairfax County School Board. (Of course, they won't.)

Follow on Twitter @schooltyranny16. Also, if you are anywhere near DC this Thursday, April 27, stop by the White House at 4:30 to protest the administration's apparent failure to follow through on the border wall. More details are available at this link


  1. Im getting to the point were, it's not just as easy as to say "fuck the left" it's time for action. there are tons of people that have been silent, and we are coming out in droves!!! FUCK THE LEFT. #FUCKYOURFEELINGS

    My family has had a business for the past 27 yrs and we now impose a 27% HIKE if we find out they are LIBERAL RATS. Sometime's HIGHER.

  2. The democrat party and political left has become a hate group incapable of debating or defending its narrow, irrational, and intolerant views, and instead unjustly maligning the innocent.

    Being called deplorable by hatefilled hypocrites is now a badge of honor.

    More and more people are leaving the democrat party for this reason.


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