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Let's Get Anti-White Racist Antifa High School Teacher Livier Perez FIRED!

A recent report published on the website included very disturbing information about far-left Antifa indoctrination in our nation's public school system.

At Oakland Technical High School in California, 10th grade English teacher Livier Perez invited a lecturer from the radical leftist group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) into the classroom to recruit students. BAMN is considered part of the conglomeration of violent far-left, anarchist, and communist organizations called Antifa, ostensibly Anti-Fascist Action. BAMN has been implicated in several acts of mob violence, including starting a riot in Sacramento, California which led to the hospitalization of 10 people due to knife wounds.

The BAMN lecturer was allowed to pass out literature to students, and invited them to upcoming BAMN events and protests. A sign-up sheet was passed around the classroom for a BAMN meeting scheduled for the next night. The speaker spoke favorably of "occupation" of airports and other public locations to support open borders and oppose immigration enforcement. Students were also encouraged to "mobilize" to help illegal immigrants avoid deportation.

But inviting a representative of a violent extremist group into the classroom to preach their message is not the full extent of Livier Perez's unprofessional, and potentially illegal activities. According to student sources, reported by the Gateway Pundit, Perez "forced students to watch a video about 'white guilt'". This led to several students accurately perceiving her as a racist.

After emails were sent to Perez and the school from anonymous accounts accusing her of being racist against Whites, Perez became furious and sent text messages to the entire class through a system called Her first message said, "I received two emails accusing me of being a racist. The IT department will track down the IP addresses and reveal the identities." Then, she told students, "If you are involved or know who is involved I recommend you come clean now before the consequences become more severe."

Reportedly, Perez had a white male student suspended for allegedly sending the emails. However, she went further than that, engaging in a campaign of harassment. 

When the student who complained about Perez's racism returned to school, she reportedly yelled, "NO! GET OUT!" and told the entire class of students "administration is taking care of him. His future teachers will know of him and he will be watched." Students said that Perez "ranted" to the class, claiming that as she was a "woman of color", she "cannot be racist."

This, according to the Oakland school district policy, would be bullying and harassment if committed by a student. (As a teacher, Perez's standards are higher, making this an offense which should lead to termination of employment.) By repeatedly attacking him in front of the entire class, Perez caused interference with the student's "ability to participate in or benefit from school services, activities, or privileges" as well as embarrassed him in front of his peers.

Livier Perez wants to embarrass students whom she disagrees with in front of her class?

OK... we're going to embarrass HER in front of the ENTIRE COUNTRY.

Step 1: Spam her RateMyTeachers page with the TRUTH. ResistanceMedia doesn't endorse threats of violence, obscenity, or harassment. Just call her out for who she is... a racist far-left ideologue who has no place in the classroom.

Step 2: Contact Oakland Technical High School at 510-450-5400, and demand her immediate firing. To reach Perez personally, use extension 451, or email her at
Remember, ResistanceMedia does not endorse threats, obscenity or harassment.

Step 3: Share this article on social media and send it to news organizations to generate more coverage of this teacher's deplorable behavior. If you have any tips about Perez or related issues, please immediately contact

(The author may be followed on Twitter @schooltyranny16 and


  1. Hope the student will sue her. She needs to be fired. Americans tax dollars shouldn't go to racist unamerican teachers.

  2. cant rate her on ratyemyteachers, they have protected her.


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