Parent Speaks Out Against Dangerous LGBT Agenda In Fairfax, VA

To the Editor:

The following is inspired by my heroine Sally J. Naumann of Carlisle, MA.  See her Letter to the Editor on April 28, 2017 in Carlisle Mosquito newspaper. They published it at the end of all the others, on page 22, near the back of the paper.   She has since been on local Boston NBC because of it and received much expected response as well as a quite undertow of support.  You go girl! I’m with her.

One of the saddest vistas I know is that of the beautiful rainbow flying as a flag to welcome and encourage children into the extremely dangerous behavior of homosexuality.  Each time I see that flag around town or on a church or in fun parades or on a kid favorite item like Skittles or Doritos or Super Bowl half time shows, etc my heart cries out—why, Why?  And now to see it taught and encouraged at school makes me cry even more for the children’s sake.

Indeed, why is this flag being used to speak well of homosexuality and encourage children into the behavior? Where is the caring for people who for one reason or another have gotten into this behavior? And homosexuality is a behavior; no one is born homosexual.  Let the kids have their metamorphosis.  Let their brain’s risk assessment ability and full physical and emotional maturity reach full blossom, which is not until age 25.  Don’t victimize, but let them seek help, not be encouraged or forced down a rainbow path that leads to fool’s gold.

Where is the truth? Where is the help for such people? It seems they are only helped down the garden path to some of the worst diseases known to man, as well as significantly higher percentages of substance abuse, impoverishment and severe depression, even suicide.  This is true even for the gay-married in San Francisco or Sweden.  “Open” societies still have these problems at crisis levels.  Indeed, there is fool’s gold at the end of the homosexual rainbow.  Just look at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website for information as to how devastating homosexual behavior actually is. Then look at for personal stories where ex-homosexuals speak out.  Google to learn about how many tomboys grew up to be the coolest and happiest mothers and great contributors of the world.  Learn how many creative and arts inclined boys have grown to become wonderful fathers and great contributors to the world.

Knowing how many have contracted HIV and AIDS and even died from many other medical consequences as a result of homosexual behavior leaves me wondering why people would promote such behavior--—let alone schools to children under 18 or even 21.  Female Genital Mutilation under 18 is Illegal and rightly called Child Abuse.  Should not Child Gender Mutilation or Child Gender Misdirection be considered the same?

And yet, this Thursday at Luther Jackson Middle School the Fairfax County School Board is having its bi-weekly public meeting.  In case you weren’t informed because they didn't bother to inform you like they did with the Meals Tax plea, at this meeting there will be discussions and possible changes to Family Life Education, i.e. Sex Ed.  Although nearly 100 concerned parents and students, representatives from large organizations and thousands of letters, including one representing over 20,000 pediatricians and physicians, have asked FCPS to stop the unlawful, harmful and non-parent involved or approved rollout of teaching Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) as normal in FLE K-12, the LGBT Rainbow Special Interests brigade, many who do not even live here nor have children in schools here, are planning to come in full force and put on a performance to look like full local support for FLE to teach just that.  And it is highly predicated that the rubber stamp special interest owned school board members will allow for it.

Why wouldn’t they?  They have already steamrolled over parents to rollout SOGI protections in the Students’ Rights and Responsibilities handbook discrimination and equal opportunity clauses, to teach gender identity in FLE, to teach SOGI protections in non-FLE diversity lessons, to allow a transgender child to use opposite biological bathrooms, and a full grown 250 lb man in the women’s bathroom at a Middle School, even though everything is “on hold”.

- Anonymous parent in Fairfax County, Virginia


  1. I invite anonymous mom to actually meet me, a lesbian mother of two FCPS graduates, for coffee/tea/beverage of her choice. Let's run errands together! Walk a dog! Get to know me and my family, and see that no one here is "recruiting" anyone to do anything, except maybe chores.

  2. It really is a shame anonymous mom has confused the cart and the horse. I feel for her, I do. If children were making a choice and people were encouraging it I probably would be outraged too. Yet that isn't the case and it is the case that homosexuality is baked in. I suggest she look at the figures for lesbians and gay men who first tried dating the opposite sex first.

    I can only speak as a trans person, but there were no welcoming rainbows for me, no encouragement, only taunts from students who thought I was gay. It started when I was six and I never chose the path. It almost ended my life.

    LGBT youth suffer higher rates of substance abuse, sexual abuse, suicide and depression because they are not welcome, they are not treated well, they are not accepted.

  3. Gender dysphoria is a listed mental illness. Suicides, depression, and anxiety are par for the course. Your DNA and chromosomes speak the truth, that the mind denies. Seek help.


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