Rate My Teachers 'Protects' Antifa Teacher

The popular website Rate My Teachers, which allows parents, students, and community members to rate and review public school teachers, has now "protected" a California high school teacher, Livier Perez, from public comment. Reports last week revealed that she invited recruiters from the far-left group BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), which is associated with Antifa, a coalition of violent anarchist and communist organizations, into her classroom to indoctrinate students. Further, Perez engaged in targeted harassment against students who complained about her conduct as well as a separate incident when she allegedly made racist comments against White students.

Livier Perez, who teaches in Oakland, CA, invited recruiters from BAMN into the classroom. (The photo to the right is not of Perez but of the recruiter she allowed.)
You can read the full report on Perez's unprofessional and potentially illegal activities at this link.

Rate My Teachers has banned all public comments on Perez's conduct, stating that "this teacher is being protected."
Why is Rate My Teachers shielding a public employee from public accountability?

Perez must be fired, immediately. Inviting recruiters from a violent extremist group into the classroom is unconscionable, and that is compounded by her likely illegal harassment of students whom she dislikes.

Rate My Teachers should stop protecting rogue government employees from scrutiny and immediately reopen comments on Livier Perez.