An Open Letter To President Donald J. Trump

Dear President Trump,

We are the next generation of voters. While most of us were not yet eligible to vote in 2016, we nonetheless supported you in many different ways, and some of us (like the author of this article) volunteered for your campaign. I personally worked outside my local polling station for 9 hours, virtually non-stop, convincing voters to support you. Our support often led to bullying and harassment, including from teachers and students at school.


We supported you because of how you eviscerated the political establishment and fake news media, how you showed no regard for political correctness, and your unashamedly nationalist campaign promises, such as the border wall and opposition to unnecessary foreign wars.

After your victory, we were excited that finally, we had a President who promised to put America first and protect American citizens' interests.

Now,  your presidency is under attack  - the corrupt, unelected "Deep State", the mainstream media, and saboteurs within your own administration are combining to destroy the first nationalist president in modern American history. President Trump, you are most surely aware that your campaign represented a profound deviation from the political norm of massive, uncontrolled immigration and foreign wars to spread "democracy and human rights." In a speech in Palm Beach, Florida, you said that "For the global special interests... our campaign represents a true existential threat like they haven't seen before."

President Trump, the very global special interests who tried to prevent you from being elected are now in your administration, trying to either mold you into a conventional establishment politician or completely destroy your presidency. The Republican establishment does not have your best interests at heart. The Goldman Sachs bankers who have infiltrated your administration do not have your best interest at heart. The "intelligence community," which spreads lies attributing the popular outcry manifested in your electoral victory to Russia, does not have your best interest at heart.

The only people who truly have your best interests at heart are the Americans who voted, campaigned, and volunteered for you.

Mr. President, during your campaign, you called out Saudi Arabia for its involvement in the 9/11 attack. You publicly told Israeli donors, "I don't want your money." Now, you travel to those countries and behave in a truly obsequious manner, even allowing the nation that you rightly accused of funding terrorism and murdering Americans to chair a commission - on preventing terrorist funding. What happened, Mr. President? Your #AmericaFirst base does not have any problem with diplomacy, but America, as you repeatedly stated, must always come first. Not Israel. Not Saudi Arabia. We should NOT sell weapons or give financial aid in any way to a country responsible for murdering Americans. This should be common sense!

Massive immigration, both legal and illegal, is the issue that won you the presidency.  You promised to end Barack Obama's unlawful DACA program and deport illegal immigrants, starting with those who have committed additional crimes while in the US. You promised to reform or end the H1-B and H2-B programs, which steal jobs from American citizens in favor of foreign workers. And, like it or not, your victory was a reaction against the demographic replacement, dispossession, and marginalization of White Americans. Now, in office, while deportations have increased, your administration caved on the border wall, recently moved to expand H2-B visas, and doubled refugee admissions.

Your press team may try to spin your administration's flip-flops on immigration, and some of your supporters may believe it, but the vast majority of your supporters expect that you keep your promises. Last month, I personally led a protest outside the White House demanding immediate funding for the Border Wall. Although there was less than two days' notice, and it was held at 4:30 PM on a weekday afternoon, dozens of your supporters gathered to voice their support for the immigration policies that you campaigned on. On social media, your supporters are beginning to become disenchanted as we perceive that your administration is promoting policies remarkedly different from the agenda that won you the election.

 These are just a few examples, but the fact is clear. "Trump supporters"  willing to allow your administration to violate campaign promises and surrender on the core issues are a minority.

As your staff may know, around six weeks ago, your supporters were able to push the hashtag #FireKushner to the top of Twitter's Trends page - for the entire United States! But the Twitter campaign was not the only effort by your supporters to warn you of this apparent threat to your presidency. The website was created by your supporters and explains seven reasons why Jared Kushner should not play a role in the Trump White House.

1. He's a Democrat whose policy ideas and beliefs are the opposite of what Donald Trump ran on. 
2. He's been instrumental in promoting Goldman Sachs COO and fellow Democrat Gary Cohn to a key position in the White House, where he is now the Chief Economic Advisor to the president, the Director of the National Economic Council, and a more-and-more dominant voice in President Trump's ear. In turn, Gary Cohn brought Andrew Quinn into the White House. Quinn was a major negotiator for the controversial TPP trade agreement. 
3. Cohn is also a close ally of Dina Powell, who is Ivanka Trump's advisor who has become the Deputy National Security Advisor. Powell's husband is a president at Teneo, a consulting firm tightly connected to the Clintons. Powell herself is friends with Valerie Jarrett, who currently lives with the Obamas. 
4. Jared Kushner's wife and the president's daughter Ivanka Trump is friends with Chelsea Clinton and Huma Abedin. 
5. Jared Kushner was instrumental in making the decision to fire missiles at Syria despite it violating Donald Trump's previously stated policies. 
6. Jared Kushner is further beholden to globalist interests by the fact that he's the beneficiary of a $250mil loan from George Soros. 
7. Jared Kushner has been trying to push Steve Bannon out of the administration and remake the White House for the worse.
Mr. President, there is still time to make America great again.

To truly #MAGA, we must reverse the disastrous post-1965 immigration policy consensus. The Immigration Act of 1965 has been destructive to our nation's social cohesion and long-term future, and if not reversed soon, it will make it permanently impossible for the Republican Party to win any national elections.  Platitudes aside, the only demographic group that can be reliably projected to vote, even narrowly, for Republican or "conservative" policies and candidates is White Americans. That is a statistical fact, and it is not likely to change.

Repealing that law would be an ambitious project which would require the administration to "strong-arm" a number of Republican legislators, and it would result in vicious accusations of "racism" and would be faced with massive judicial obstruction, but it is almost certainly America's last chance to remain American. Once the Immigration Act is repealed, a new law should be passed, imposing a long-term moratorium on most or all immigration, especially from non-European countries. This would lead to a YUUUGE media tantrum, but so does everything else you do!

President Trump, your supporters urge you to stick to your campaign promises and continue to be yourself. We were behind you 100% during the campaign, no matter what "scandal" or line of attack that the fake news could drum up. As long as you support us, we'll support you!

Thank you,

The Editor, (Who can assure that these sentiments are shared by hundreds of thousands of your supporters)