Equality Virginia Antifa Connections Revealed: Leftists Work Hand-In-Hand With Anarchist Terrorists

On June 21, 2017, the Prince William County School Board, at around 10:30 PM, voted 5-3 to add "sexual orientation and gender identity" to the school non-discrimination policy. Despite the claims of some supporters of the policy change, restrooms, locker rooms, and other facilities will now be based on "gender identity", not biological sex. This policy also applies to staff members, meaning that openly homosexual teachers can, according to the text of the policy, promote their sexual preferences to students and not face any repercussions.

Around 400 people attended the meeting. Because it was heavily promoted by homosexual activist groups and other left-wing organizations, around two-thirds of attendees supported the change in policy.

Equality Virginia, based in Richmond, is a statewide lobbying group which advocates for "equality" for the so-called LGBT community. It was the main group organizing supporters to attend the school board meeting, and its local chapter, Equality Prince William, has ties to board Chairman Ryan Sawyers. The majority of pro-"LGBT" activists at the meeting were affiliated with Equality Virginia.

Including these two.

(This picture was taken with a phone's rear camera, so it is not very clear.)

Notice the "EV" logo on his shirt.

These individuals are known to be members of the anarcho-communist terrorist group Antifa, which uses large-scale violence to intimidate political opponents. 

On April 13, 2017, they protested in Woodbridge, Virginia, also in Prince William County, against a local baseball team's support of politician Corey Stewart, who ran for governor of Virginia, narrowly losing to establishment candidate Ed Gillespie. 

Approximately 50 leftists joined these two Antifa communists to demand that the team withdraw its support for Stewart and endorse the designation of Prince William as a "sanctuary county" for illegal immigrants. 

In this still capture of the video, you can see the same man in the photo from the school board meeting. 

(The woman with the blue hair was also present at Wednesday's school board meeting, but ResistanceMedia was not able to photograph her.)

Does Equality Virginia want support from anarchists, communists, and terrorists? Apparently so. 

Equality Virginia must immediately disavow Antifa and all of their supporters and condemn violence for political purposes. 

Constantly, those on the right are pressured by the lying press to disavow less moderate activists. However, the left actively works with radicals like Antifa. We must hold them to their own standards; if they fail to condemn Antifa, they must be treated as if they support them. 

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