Join ResistanceMedia's Editor At DC Free Speech Rally - Sunday, June 25!

This Sunday, June 25, Trump supporters and other right-wing activists, including the Alt-Right and the more moderate "Alt-Lite," will gather in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, for a Free Speech Rally to peacefully spread their views, and speak out against threats to free speech.

Stand up for Free Speech in DC, Sunday, June 25. 
Speakers will include activists Jack Posobiec, Jason Kessler, Irma Hinojosa and James Allsup.

Leading up to this event, members of the 'constitutionalist' group Oathkeepers demanded that the Free Speech Rally become a safe space for political correctness. A popular Oathkeeper Twitter user, Navy Jack (@USNJack) - with over 13,000 followers - demanded that the organizers of the Free Speech Rally "exclude" people and organizations that he describes as white nationalist. Navy Jack also created and posted an image portraying the Free Speech Rally as a Nazi gathering complete with Adolf Hitler. As of June 15, he has deleted these tweets after heavy backlash from free speech activists including the rally's organizer, Colton Merwin,, and DC Anti-Communist Action (Anticom.)

For more information about the rally, which begins at 12:00 PM, click here.

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