Report: 200 Anti-Trump Hate Crimes Nationwide

A new report from American Renaissance,, has revealed almost 200 politically or racially motivated attacks on Trump supporters since the 2016 campaign. These attacks range from vandalism to simple assault to arson, and are all confirmed by news coverage and police reports, unlike the Southern Poverty Law Center's widely publicized "post-election hate report", which was based on an anonymous online form with no independent verification. The SPLC's report was later shown to be invalid as it omitted over 2,000 hate incidents against White students in the public schools, in addition to the complete lack of procedures to actually verify that the alleged "hate crimes" ever took place.

On May 30, American Renaissance posted an extensively documented Google Map with "pin drops" on the locations of confirmed anti-Trump hate crimes. Clicking a pin gives details about the offender and victim as well as a link to news sources and/or police reports.

Violence against Trump supporters and other right-wing activists is becoming more common and is being normalized and accepted by the media. Leftists endorse "punching Nazis" - their term for political violence against everyone from the Alt-Right to average Trump supporters to libertarian professors.

While not all of these crimes are caused by it, the group Antifa (anti-Fascist Action), is effectively a domestic terrorist group at this point. Its members incite violence and plot activities such as bombing a pro-Trump gathering with poisonous acid, assaulting people on the street who they don't like - and then cowardly running away, and numerous other acts of political violence.

It's time to ban Antifa. Antifa should be labeled either a terrorist organization or a criminal gang - or maybe both. Criminal conspiracy is not free speech.

This is what a terrorist gang looks like.
Sign the petition to officially designate Antifa as a domestic terrorist group by clicking this link.

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  1. And the left preach that they are the tolerant ones, lol.


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