Tell Fairfax County Bureaucrats To End Radical, Graphic, Ineffective Sex Education!

You may not have been informed, but Fairfax County bureaucrats are taking your comments on their sex ed program through June 18, here:

Here's my sample commentary for others to use....

Dear FLE decision makers,

Thank you for this opportunity to comment on this FCPS program.  I do hope changes come, for the sake of our children and community.

1. The amount of FLE needs to be reduced DRAMATICALLY.

Currently, it includes over 80 hours of sex ed planned for each student from kindergarten through 12th grade.   This is a ridiculous amount of sex ed for anybody, but especially considering that art, music, sports, staff salaries, bus repairs and other more essential programs and resources are at the eternal budget chopping block every year.   It should be reduced to one hour; stop wasting money and stop indoctrinating impressionable young children.  Do not exceed the Virginia State requirements.  The current FLE goes well beyond state guidelines.

2.  FLE Should be Called Sex-Ed to be more precise.

(Any "family life" program should be centered around promoting a normal and healthy family and responsible mothers and fathers)

3. FLE should be Opt-IN rather than opt-out, with CLEAR descriptions of such content like this:

Students are being fooled into learning extremely harmful information that can lead them to a life full of suicide, severe depression, STD's, impoverishment, loneliness, infertility and shortened life spans - even if they were to move into the most open of societies.  They are being taught that they might be "assigned" the wrong sex at birth and they can " living and presenting themselves as the gender that matches their gender identity." (Grade 10, Human Growth and Development, Lesson 5.)  and lessons on transgenderism begin in Grade 7 (Emotional and Social Health Lesson 1).

Scaring our youngest of girls to death and making them unfairly fearful and insecure of their father and probably of male figures in general. A video for 4th graders on sexual violence prevention includes the theme of a father raping his daughter. (Emotional and Social Health, Lesson 3.)

4. Do not try to circumvent and impose in the regular curriculum, like in health, PE, "diversity," or civics, sociology projects, programs, assemblies, library books, movies, school newspapers, school advocacy clubs, etc...

Thank you,
A Concerned Parent

See for more information on the lessons.