Corrupt Mental Hospital Colludes With Local Government

Submitted by a guest contributor, who would prefer to remain anonymous. 


Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) has been discovered colluding with a local mental hospital to label children who are "bored" with school as mentally ill. 

Dominion Hospital ( is a mental hospital in Falls Church, VA. Dominion is known for providing services related to "school anxiety" or "school refusal." 

Dominion Hospital's logo

While Psychology Today claims that Dominion Hospital "...leads the region in short-term mental health services for children, adolescents, and adults age 18 and older", the review averages on Google and Yelp are less than 50%. 

Various blogs and online reviews give vastly different personal stories, but the bottom line is the same - DOMINION HOSPITAL IS HORRIBLE.

Of course, many of these stories could be exaggerated or embellished, however, it is very unlikely that ALL of the reviews on ALL of these blogs and review websites are false.

This blog claims that:

"I had, and still have, nightmares about Dominion. The only reason I stopped self harming (and I only stopped for a little while) is because my parents threatened me with returning there and I had a panic attack." 

These quotes are from various Google reviews:

"Dominion is HELL! DO NOT go here and DO NOT send your child here!! I have been there 7 times, and it was awful! I cannot express it enough. DO NOT DO IT. the staff are rude and neglectful (a girl who was deathly (sic) allergic to peanuts ate a handful while i was there and staff did nothing until she needed to be rushed to the ER). The building itself is super run down --- moldy and mildew everywhere. They put me on meds that were not approved for people under 18 (I was 13 at the time) and misdiagnosed me several times. they put me on so much Seroquil that at one point I was having hallucinations and they didn't do anything about it!"

"This place is a F****** horrible, evil, and just despicable place to not be able to leave from. DO NOT COME HERE! DO NOT LET THE POLICE TAKE YOUR KIDS HERE AND DO NOT PUT YOUR KIDS HERE!"

Not only that, but several other reviews mention the fact that public school systems collude with police to uncooperative students to this house of horrors. For example, the review below mentions being escorted by the police for "not attending school."

"I have been here 3 times - first time at 13, escorted by police and parents for not attending school. Ended up self harming in the hospital even though outside the hospital I hadn't for months. Patients sickly shared self harm stories, scars, and how to SH in the hospital. Doctor Bhatia was horrible, put me on meds and when I had side effects of hallucinations and tremors (Seroquil and Abilify), she did not take me off them and when I refused the meds, ended up on unit restriction for 3 days. Some Psych Techs were fairly nice, some nurses and other staff were not. Was discharged after 32 days with no plan, because insurance was up."

Dominion Hospital, on their website, claims that students who are bored with school are not legitimately bored with the curriculum, but are actually mentally ill and require treatment at Dominion Hospital. Dominion Hospital labels "school refusal" or "school anxiety" as mental illnesses, despite there being absolutely no recognition for this view among the broader psychiatric community. There is no biological or neurochemical basis for speculative "disorders" (diagnosed with a simple checklist and defined primarily by how well a child performs in school) such as Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and certainly not "SCHOOL REFUSAL" or "SCHOOL ANXIETY."

"Children may use the word ‘bored’ to express low energy and lethargy — symptoms of depression — because ‘bored’ comes closest to describing what they feel at the time."

(This is in the FAQ page of Dominion's website and is Dominion's response to the question "My child is very intelligent and complains of feeling "bored" with school. I think if school provided more of a challenge, my child would be more willing to go. What do you think?") 

Notice the bizarre justifications that Dominion uses to deceive parents. Instead of assuming the far more likely scenario that the work may just be too easy, Dominion tells parents categorically that if their child is intelligent, but bored in school, he/she is mentally ill. 

Of course if a child is "mentally ill", then they must be treated! And if the parents are reluctant to accept the idea that their child suffers from a mental illness because he/she doesn't want to go to school because the work is too easy, they are not acting in the best interest of the child! And if parents are not acting in the best interest of their children, we all learned in 2nd grade FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION CLASS what government agency will step in....

Fairfax County Child Protective Services!

Once Child Protective Services takes custody, they, in their infinite wisdom and benevolence, will FINALLY MAKE SURE that the child gets the TREATMENT they deserve. They will be admitted to Dominion Hospital and prescribed psychotropic medications such as Prozac, Zoloft, Dexedrine, Xanax, Risperdal, Abilify, and Ritalin. 

The relationship goes both ways. In exchange for Dominion covering up the dumbed-down curriculum used in FCPS (and labeling students who are tired of it as mentally ill), FCPS also provides Dominion with advertising.

In a FCPS "resource guide" distributed to parents and students (entitled Annandale Pyramid Mental Healthcare Resource Guide), FCPS prominently lists Dominion Hospital (on the first page) and toes the party line on "school refusal." FCPS lists "school refusal" as a mental health condition alongside legitimate disorders such as "self-injurious behavior" and "substance abuse."

"Dominion Hospital offers assistance with the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, eating disorders, schizophrenia, and such symptoms as school refusal, self-injurious behavior, and substance abuse."

In a Centreville High School "community resources" flyer, Dominion Hospital is also prominently listed on the first page. 

Chantilly High School also lists Dominion Hospital among other "community resources."

If you still doubt the connections between Dominion Hospital and Fairfax County Public Schools, just look at a press release from the Dominion Hospital website dated April 7, 2016 entitled "CONTINUED PARTNERSHIP WITH FAIRFAX COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS!" In the press release, Dominion Hospital admits to "[being] a strong partner with Fairfax County Public Schools."

"Dominion Hospital continues to be a strong partner with Fairfax County Public Schools and support mental health needs of our local community..."

This type of relationship is the definition of a quid pro quo. 

In exchange for their help with uncooperative students, FCPS grants Dominion Hospital free advertising and plenty of clients. These clients are often brought into Dominion by police or Child Protective Services. [Editor's Note: exposed CPS in more detail in 2016. To read about the criminal CPS enterprise, please click here.] 

Beware of the Dominion Hospital menace which kidnaps children and forces parents to pay for it. Dominion Hospital and their buddies in local government must be stopped!