DC Students Forced To Watch Anti-White Film

According to the school's newspaper, the Beacon, all students at Wilson High School in Washington, DC were required to see the film "I'm Not Racist, Am I?" in September, 2016.

Read for yourself what the Beacon wrote about the film and its message:

“The mentors in the documentary wanted their students and audience to omit their previous definition of racism as an act inflicted on others by an individual. No one white person can be racist, but they are involuntarily racist because of the system that they are a part of. Our country’s system to this day is designed to benefit white people, and because they are gaining these advantages, they are participating in this racist system. No one is accusing your single white friend of being a raging racist because they do not individually have the power to deprive minorities of their rights. They are classified as racist according to the film’s institutionalized definition.”

In other words, Wilson students were forced to watch a film which claims "whiteness" is evil and must be "dismantled", and that all Whites are involuntarily racist due to their participation in the "racist system."

This propaganda is rooted in Cultural Marxist "critical race theory" - or the application of Marxist theory to culture. In Cultural Marxism, the conflict is not between economic classes like in economic Marxism, but between the "oppressed" and the "oppressor." Cultural Marxists believe that traditional western society must be deconstructed in order to bring about equality.

Promoting homosexuality and transgenderism is a key part of cultural Marxism.

If you would like to learn more about what Cultural Marxism is and why it is a threat, please watch this informative video.

Unfortunately, anti-white propaganda like this is all too common in the public school system. Organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center and Unitarian Universalist Association promote "whiteness" curriculum in public schools across the nation, teaching students about "white privilege" and "white supremacy."

The true agenda behind this is not "diversity," "tolerance", or "equality." It is ANTI-WHITE.

Hopefully, more students will speak out against anti-white institutional racism, and anti-white double standards. For more information about the anti-white agenda, please see ResistanceMedia.org's article about White Nationalism at this link. Also, please follow ResistanceMedia on Twitter @ResistCM14.