The Truth About White Nationalism

The only race that can't have pride in themselves. This must change, now. 

In columns often written in a hysterical tone, the press warns of the "rise of white nationalism." When President Donald J. Trump's administration cut funding to a group, called Life After Hate, which sought to combat white nationalism, the left-wing media essentially threw a fit. In one article, the liberal blog Think Progress, featured a cover illustration of a skinhead covered in Neo-Nazi tattoos - and in what may be considered a "Freudian slip," they called Life After Hate an "anti-white extremist organization."

However, why is the federal government funding organizations which interfere in domestic politics to oppose one political position? No matter what your beliefs are on this issue, President Trump was right to revoke Life After Hate's grant. One of our most fundamental rights as Americans is freedom of speech, and taxpayer dollars being used to fight against a particular ideology undercuts that right. 

Ordinary Trump supporters understand the problems of media bias and political correctness. As a candidate, President Trump rejected the slurs of "Islamophobe" and "xenophobe", unapologetically advocating America First policies. The "Muslim Ban" was the most pro-American policy proposed by any major-party Presidential candidate in modern history. After Trump's victory, the lying press understood that they could no longer use buzzwords to prevent Americans from standing up for their country and speaking their minds. 

Unfortunately, too many Trump supporters have only partially rejected the Cultural Marxist tyranny known as political correctness. They will criticize Islam and its adherents viciously, but recoil at any critique, no matter how mild, of America's policy towards Israel or of their influence on our politics. They claim that objecting to these policies is "anti-semitic."

The prevailing view in modern America, brought about by decades of media propaganda, is that the United States is a "melting pot" where individuals of all ethnicities, religions, and cultures, from all around the world, can immigrate and become, with a bureaucrat's signature, just as American as someone whose ancestors sailed on the Mayflower.  According to this ideology, a minority-white America is simply the logical conclusion of the 250-year experiment in a nation built on ideas. This concept is known as a "proposition nation" - or a country with no roots in anything other than a fluid and changeable political ideology. Of course, this view has no connection to the Constitution or the American founding, and the original idea of the "melting pot" referred to immigrants from various parts of Europe - not replacement migration from the entire world.

Demographic projections show that whites are headed for minority status in the US. 

Leftists fully embrace the melting pot concept, to the extent that more extreme liberals even call it "racist." Conservatives also have been taken in by the propaganda, nonsensically believing that Third World migrants will become constitutionalists as soon as they touch America's "magic soil." Like leftists, mainstream conservatives also use Cultural Marxist slurs, such as "racist," "bigot," and "Nazi" against those who reject the proposition nation mindset.

Essentially, both modern "conservatives" and leftists are just two sides of the same coin. Both deny Whites what they grant to others - the right to be proud of their ethnicity and culture, the right to their own nations, and the right to self-determination and sovereignty over those nations.

The multiculturalist left supports identity politics for non-whites, and even for homosexuals, transgenders, and others who deviate from the traditional concept of sexuality. To them, black pride, Asian pride, Hispanic pride, and gay pride are normal and healthy, while white pride is "literally Hitler."

At least conservatives are slightly more consistent - they are generally more skeptical of non-white ethnonationalism, at least in the United States (for example La Raza and Black Lives Matter.) However, conservatives are also hypocritical in that the vast majority of them support Israel, which is a Jewish nation, founded by and for Jews. Many conservatives even call leftists and others "anti-Semitic" when they support any kind of policy which could harm Israel in any way. For example in 2015, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee accused Obama of "marching Israel to the door of the oven" for supporting the Iran nuclear deal.  Also, Representative Trent Franks called Obama a "traitor to Israel" for not vetoing a UN resolution criticizing Israeli settlements - implying that a US president should have loyalty to a foreign country in the first place.

To them, anti-Zionist is a code word for anti-Jewish.

However, anti-racist is not a code word for anti-white.

The anti-white double standard institutionalized in modern society is exemplified in the Wikipedia pages for "white pride" and "black pride", "Asian pride", and "gay pride." While Black, Asian, and gay pride are considered positive, acceptable stances, white pride is called a "slogan used by white nationalist, neo-Nazi and white supremacist organizations in order to signal racist viewpoints."

Malcolm X, a black nationalist who was a member of the Nation of Islam, a black supremacist organization, is honored across America with monuments, highways, and schools. The Nation of Islam believes that the white race is inherently evil and inferior to blacks, and promotes the idea that whites were created by an evil black scientist around 6,000 years ago through selective breeding. Malcolm X also supported violence to achieve "black liberation" and "civil rights."

Black and other non-white nationalists - and even supremacists - are publicly honored, while any expressions of white pride or white identity is slandered, censored, and derided. While even the most radical white supremacists in modern America generally do not engage in violence, non-white supremacists - such as South African terrorist Nelson Mandela - who do are also venerated. Their violent acts are either justified or whitewashed, and critics are falsely accused of hating all blacks or other non-whites.

Nelson Mandela, far from being a fearless freedom fighter for racial equality and civil rights, was actually a Communist terrorist who endorsed white genocide in South Africa. Mandela led UmKhonto we Sizwe (MK), the paramilitary and terrorist wing of the African National Congress (ANC) and South African Communist Party. He also sat on the Central Committee, or governing body, of the South African Communist Party.

The official anthem of MK, Spear of the Nation, includes hate-filled lyrics about the murder of whites. Members of MK - including Mandela - proudly sang that they had "pledged ourselves to kill them — kill the whites." In fact, Mandela was recorded singing this song in 1992. 

Between 1990 and 1994, the African National Congress (ANC) - Mandela's group - killed 14,000 people; that is twice the number of blacks killed during the 47 years of apartheid. 

Despite all of this, when Mandela died in 2013, he was incessantly praised by the media - and his funeral was attended by political leaders from around the world. The funeral was the largest gathering of heads of state since Winston Churchill died in 1966. 


According to all available historical records, Mandela's ANC murdered exponentially more people in South Africa than the KKK and other violent white supremacists killed in segregation-era America. A funeral for a KKK leader would never be attended by four US Presidents, and leaders from around the world. Then why was the funeral of Mandela so attended?

Because of the anti-white double standards at play.

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) is an organization that advances the interests of the Hispanic population in the United States. Its name literally translates to "the race" - referring to the Hispanic ethnicity. NCLR has had sitting U.S. senators speak at its conferences, and it receives funding from the federal government - ostensibly to provide "housing and development" opportunities for the Hispanic community.

Of course, organizations that advance the white race would never have their conferences attended by members of Congress and Senators. They would never receive public funds. A pro-white organization called "The Race" would undoubtedly be called neo-Nazi or white supremacist.

This is simply another example of systemic anti-white discrimination.

The mainstream conservative response to all of this would be a condemnation of "identity politics" in all of its forms. For example, a "conservative" would say, "All of this racial division is being caused by the Democrats. Just like when they started the Civil War to keep their slaves! The Democrats are the real racists!"

But fundamentally, this is a disingenuous and hypocritical argument. Firstly, as previously mentioned, conservatives support Israel, a Jewish ethno-state. Unless one also believes that the Jews are superior to others (racism), one cannot believe that one people is so special that they, and only they, have a right to organize their nation around their ethnic and cultural identity. Additionally, identity politics have always existed. It is human nature to prefer and be proud of one's own tribe. This is how we were created, and there is nothing wrong with it, as long as it does not become hatred for others. Social engineers who attempt to alter human nature are playing God. Identity politics is natural, normal, and positive. is not a white nationalist website and this site's editor is not a white nationalist. I do not use that term to describe myself because of the another example of anti-white bias - the viewpoints and tactics of tiny fringe groups such as the KKK are presented as those of all white advocates or white nationalists, but the viewpoints of fringe groups (like the Nation of Islam or Black Panther Party) are not presented as the views of all non-white activists.

Anti-white discrimination and propaganda must end. Pride in one's own group is perfectly normal, and this fact is accepted for all racial groups - except whites. The truth about white nationalism is that is a natural phenomenon, and a reaction to the anti-white agenda which is celebrated in public life.

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