Durham, NC School System Bans Free Speech


"By a show of hands, on a 7-0 vote, the Durham school board on Thursday night approved revisions to the Durham Public Schools’ student dress code to ban the Confederate flag, Ku Klux Kan symbols and swastikas.


DPS’ revised policy bans items “reasonably expected to intimidate other students on the basis of race (for example the Confederate battle flag, Nazi swastika, and Ku Klux Klan or KKK) religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, socioeconomic status, academic status, gender identity, physical appearance, sexual orientation, mental, physical, developmental, or sensory disability, immigration status, or any other classification that is protected by law, regulation or Board policy.”

School board member Natalie Beyer asked that the proposal be amended to make it clear that the items listed in the policy such as the Confederate flag are not the only ones that can be “reasonably expected” to intimidate other students.

Beyer said the addition would help principals deal with students who push the policy to the limit.

“I wondered if it would be stronger and permissible for it to say including but not limited to items that are reasonably expected to intimidate so that it is clear that is not an exhaustive list,” Beyer said.

The board agreed to Beyer’s recommended change."

In other words, the Durham, NC school system just abolished free speech. 

This policy is so vague it can be applied to virtually any item that expresses a politically incorrect viewpoint.

The Confederate flag is a symbol of resistance to tyranny and Southern history. 

I can almost understand banning the swastika and KKK symbolism on school grounds, not because "Nazis" or "racists" don't have free speech, but due to the fact that certain people may respond to seeing such symbols with violence. However, unlike the media has reported, this is not the extent of the policy. I also highly doubt that any students have actually brought swastikas or KKK symbols to school.

As shown above, the policy includes "gender identity," "sexual orientation," and "immigration status."

Let's look at a few practical, real-world applications of this policy.

Case #1: A student says that there are only two genders or wears a shirt or button saying the same. Under the new policy, this student would be suspended, expelled, or otherwise punished for possession of items that "intimidate" others based on "gender identity."

Case #2: A student wears a Make America Great Again hat or Trump shirt. As President Trump opposes illegal immigration and supports construction of a border wall, school administrators could punish this student for wearing attire that is discriminatory based on "immigration status."

Case #3: A student shares a Bible with another student and wears a shirt with a Bible verse on it. Liberal revisionism notwithstanding, Biblical doctrine is strongly against homosexuality. Therefore, because of the recent policy change, the Durham school system would punish them for possessing items that could "intimidate" other people on the basis of "sexual orientation."

This policy is an incredible violation of students' constitutional right to free speech. Maybe, schools should consider the radical idea of teaching students that yes, in the real world they may be exposed to views they disagree with, sometimes strongly - and that the answer to that is not violence or to be "triggered" - but to either have a respectful dialogue or to simply ignore the "offensive" views.

ResistanceMedia has previously published articles explaining how school policies on so-called bullying and harassment are often used to silence freedom of speech.

This is just another example of the "school tyranny" brought about when leftist ideologues are in charge of the public school system. The left is not simply content with passing their policies - they also want to silence all opposition.

Fortunately, unless the judge is a liberal activist, this policy will be blocked by the courts as a clear violation of students' first Amendment rights.

Tell the leaders of the Durham Public Schools that you are not happy with their trampling on free speech in the name of diversity and tolerance. Their contact information is available at this link. ResistanceMedia does not endorse any form of threats or other illegal conduct. Just use your free speech and let them know how you feel.

If you don't live in North Carolina, still contact them. Remember one of liberals' favorite quotes: "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Make Speech Free Again.