ResistanceMedia Demands Immediate Removal of Defamatory Blue Virginia Article

"Blue Virginia? More like Sue Virginia."

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE's owner and editor released the following statement:

"It has come to my attention that Blue Virginia ( has published an article accusing me of being a “white supremacist.” I am not a white supremacist and do not believe that anyone is superior or inferior to another. With respect to my support of the Charlottesville rally, I believe that freedom of speech is important to our country and the Confederate flag is an important symbol of our history. I oppose Karen Keys-Gamarra for School Board because of the fact that she is a radical leftist, not due to her race or gender.

I hereby demand that Blue Virginia remove the article entitled “Democratic Chair Calls on Ed Gillespie and Chris Grisafe to Reject White Supremacist’s Endorsement” within twenty-four (24) hours.. I demand that Blue Virginia cease and desist publishing any accusations that I am a “white supremacist.”

I also hereby demand a retraction from Blue Virginia, Sue Langley, and Frank Anderson stating that I am not and have never been a white supremacist or Neo-Nazi

If these demands are not met I reserve the right to pursue legal action for defamation against Blue Virginia, the author of the article in question, Lowell Feld, the publisher of Blue Virginia, Sue Langley, and Frank Anderson."


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