Vote Chris Grisafe for Fairfax County School Board

On August 29, voters in Fairfax County, Virginia will choose an at-large school board member in a special election after the incumbent resigned last May.

Most voters do not pay attention to local races such as this one, but this election is extremely important.

In Fairfax County, there are two high schools with Confederate names: J.E.B. Stuart, which is being renamed, and Robert E. Lee, which the Democrat in this race wants to rename. Additionally, there have been proposals to rename a third school, W.T. Woodson High School, due to the fact that its namesake disagreed with racial integration. Aside from the fact that renaming these schools is expensive, which is the traditional moderate argument against renaming, the historical vandalism signified by this effort is part of a larger war on traditional American culture begun by the Left.

The two main candidates in this race are Democrat Karen Keys-Gamarra and Republican Chris Grisafe. There is also a third candidate claiming to be independent and nonpartisan; however her policies are very similar to Gamarra's.

Karen Keys-Gamarra is a radical, anti-white leftist.

At a debate among the candidates held on August 23, Keys-Gamarra proposed "diversification" of the teacher workforce through discrimination against white applicants, and promised to spend more money in areas of the county with more "minorities" - also a form of anti-white discrimination. Keys-Gamarra also promised to remove all Confederate names from schools and to keep in place the transgender policy which teaches about "gender identity" in the curriculum as well as allows access to private facilities based on "gender identity" instead of biological sex.

Keys-Gamarra is also supported by some of the worst leftist agitators in Virginia, such as the neo-Marxist hate blog Blue Virginia, which has been repeatedly accused of defamation. Reportedly, the founder of this blog has been successfully sued for defamation in the past. Blue Virginia has published dozens of articles supporting Keys-Gamarra, including two which attack as a "white supremacist" website.

On the other hand, Chris Grisafe showed courage in not "disavowing" ResistanceMedia despite numerous calls for him to do so. Grisafe opposes erasing Confederate heritage and Karen Keys-Gamarra's radical agenda.

Unlike his opponent, Chris Grisafe will stand up against historical vandalism and cultural Marxism!

The choice could not be clearer.

If you live in Fairfax County, get out and vote for Chris Grisafe this Tuesday, August 29!


  1. This is a school board election and should be about what is best for schools, not what fits in with some other agenda.

  2. Karen Gamarra is a racist.

    Democrats were the political movement behind slavery and against desegregation.

    Instead of blaming themselves she falsely blames others claiming racism when she is in fact the racist


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