Charlottesville Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy Praises Black Supremacist Website

The vice-mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia, Wes Bellamy, posted his support for a black supremacist website called "Melanoid Nation" which refers to the right-wing as "terrorists" and advocates for leftists to carry weapons to use against the Alt-Right and others. 

(above) Wes Bellamy wears a Black Panther Party t-shirt

Bellamy has previously stated that he "[doesn't] like white people" and posted that "White women = Devil," along with a host of additional racist and sexist comments which, as one ResistanceMedia Twitter follower noted, would have gotten anyone else fired and run out of town. His employer, Albemarle School District, placed him on administrative leave after the tweets surfaced.

On Thursday, August 10, Wes Bellamy responded to a black supremacist blogger who told him to "check out the article I wrote about you on" with "much love."

The Melanoid Nation article was also shared by Black Lives Matter activist Tariq Nasheed.

(The website's name appears to refer to a black supremacist theory that melanin, the pigment which determines skin color, gives blacks supernatural power which makes them superior to other races.)

In the article, author Tiffany Tubman, who may be using a pseudonym, claimed that the Alt-Right was a "terrorist group" which wants to exterminate all black people. It is very difficult to follow, but it appears that Tubman is arguing that since an Alt-Right rally, Unite The Right, is being held on August 12, the same date as Columbus's discovery of the New World and several other historical events, the rally has connections to "Nazi, Russia, and destruction of humanity [sic.]"

Tubman concludes by telling Melanoid Nation readers to "stay safe ...  and get your Second Amendment game strong. We have a right to protect ourselves." While this is true, Black Lives Matter and Antifa have, without exception been the ones provoking, inciting, and committing violence at rallies. The Alt-Right is an ideology of peace and has nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism or violence, while Black Lives Matter does.

After unjustifiably accusing political opponents of being domestic terrorists who want to create a Fourth Reich and destroy humanity, Melanoid Nation urged its supporters to obtain weapons in order to "protect themselves" against the Alt-Right. This is either extremely reckless or maliciously calculated. The fact that an elected official would endorse this article is intolerable.

Wes Bellamy, as the Vice Mayor of Charlottesville, is in the position to make decisions about the permit and logistics of the Unite the Right rally. The city council recently attempted to revoke the rally's permit, claiming that "too many people" would attend; however, the liberal ACLU sued the city to force them to reinstate it.

Wes Bellamy cannot continue to hide behind calling all of his critics "white supremacists." In fact, while Bellamy's enemies are not White Supremacists, Bellamy himself is a black supremacist. In addition to the image featured near the top of this page, where he wears a Black Panther Party t-shirt, Bellamy was recorded entering a meeting about the Unite The Right rally - while wearing a Black Panther backpack.

The Black Panther Party is a black nationalist/supremacist organization that believes that violence is acceptable when used to advance "black liberation" and civil rights. Some factions, like the New Black Panther Party, the current version, believe in the creation of a black ethnostate within the United States as reparations for slavery. 

No White person with connections to any pro-White, much less anti-Black, group would survive a minute in public office. They would be forced to resign in disgrace! But because of Bellamy's black privilege, his racial hatred is acceptable. Wes Bellamy must be recalled and removed from office. This bigot cannot continue to be allowed to make decisions regarding the free speech of his political opponents. 


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  1. It's Black Panther the superhero, you fucking retards

  2. Wes Bellamy must be imprisoned for supporting a terrorist group!!!

  3. 1. Wes Bellamy is racist.

    2. That photo is not of him. This one is:

    3. The photo of the Black Panther backpack is of the Marvel super hero. This is not to say that he is not wearing it as a black supremacist reason, but making such assumptions would be a giant leap without any substantive information.

    If you want your site to be taken seriously, then maybe you should do a modicum of research before throwing out trash. It's hack job "journalism," like this, which dilutes any credibility anyone has on this subject. Wes Bellamy is a horrible identitarian SJW with a detailed history of overt racism and sexism; but if anyone brings any of this up, defenders can point to this poorly written article as evidence that any legitimate criticisms are emboldened by this nonsense. Do better or don't do at all. You're hurting, not helping.

    Good luck.

    1. That picture of him with the Black Panther Party shirt was taken from his own Instagram page. And to say 'identitarian SJW' is contradictory and shows your mindset. Don't lecture me about my articles if you believe Dinesh D'Souza's nonsense.


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