The Trump Betrayal

New York Times: 

WASHINGTON — President Trump confirmed on Thursday morning that he supports legislation that would protect young undocumented immigrants from deportation and would deliver a “massive” increase in border security — but not with a wall on the southern border.

Mr. Trump’s comments, both in Washington and in Florida, affirmed the broad parameters of an agreement that Democratic leaders unilaterally announced Wednesday night after dinner with the president at the White House.

As shown in this morning's tweets, President Trump fully accepts the false narrative that DACA recipients are "good, educated, and accomplished young people." He also shared the misleading statement that "some [are] serving in the military," when in fact only 900 (out of 800,000 individuals protected by DACA) are in the military, which is a significantly smaller percentage than the general population.

Additionally, he has completely abandoned his previous America First stance, which he held as recently as last year, when he stated that "Dreamers should come from this country" and "There will be no amnesty."

Some online Trump sycophants have tried to frame this as "4D chess" or an example of Trump's supposed negotiation skills. I strongly oppose any form of amnesty or any deal which involves amnesty, but if a deal was to be made, this is an absolutely horrible tradeoff. In exchange for amnesty for anywhere between 800,000 and 5 million illegal immigrants, Trump gets only vague promises of "border security."

Additionally, the "big, beautiful wall" which was promised has now been downgraded to "repair of existing fences." Dinesh D'Souza, who has written several inane and historically inaccurate books asserting that the Democratic Party is "the real racists" and Nazis, claimed today that the Wall would just be a symbol. White House spokesmen called it a "barrier" today, as Trump's press secretary stated that the President would sign a bill which provided a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Please note that this is stance is worse than what Jeb Bush, arguably the worst Republican primary candidate on immigration, proposed. While Bush only supported a path to "legal status" for illegal aliens, Trump is now supporting a path to citizenship, which is more on par with Hillary Clinton's immigration policy. Unbelievable!

At this point, I personally cannot support Trump anymore. This is the biggest possible betrayal, and is much worse than his Syria strikes. I don't care if he gets impeached. The Russia conspiracy is complete fake news, but I am not going to waste my energy defending someone who won't defend our Nation and keep his campaign promises.

September 14, 2017 will go down as the day that the Trump train went up in flames.

I will be not voting for Trump in 2020. I urge all of my readers to do the same.