Alt Right Returns To Charlottesville

Charlottesville, Virginia 

7:30 PM

Alt-right activists Richard Spencer, Eli Mosley and Mike Enoch roll out of 4 industrial sized vans, tiki torches in hand.

The time has come for what the organizers are calling "Charlottesville 3.0", the 3rd in a series of torch lit marches through the streets of Charlottesville. 

In Spencer's first return to Charlottesville since the wildly publicized Unite The Right rally, he spoke of how Charlottesville has become symbolic. He speaks of course of Charlottesville being one of the leading cities involved in the tearing down of the symbols of the history of this nation. Spencer also spoke of the mistreatment of the organizers of the August rally by the city and VA State Police. They came in peace and irrevocably proved that the alt-right does not come to start violence but simply to speak and uphold their constitutional right to do so which the city of Charlottesville tries so hard to destroy.

As the event was privately organized and the left weren't alerted to its presence, there was no violence and the event was peaceful.

This didn't stop Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer from having a little tantrum on Twitter 

News flash Mike, publicly gathering and voicing a controversial opinion isn't a crime. We know you on the (((left))) want to slowly disintegrate and destroy freedom of speech but we will not stand for it.

Or tweets like this from Wes Bellamy, an anti-white racist who has posted online comments praising black supremacy and endorsing rape:

(Clearly forgetting about this guy just one month prior in Lee Park)

Check out the full coverage of the event here: