Defeat Degenerate Danica and Vote Bob Marshall For VA House of Delegates This November

Danica Roem, a liberal fake news "journalist" with endorsements from liberal figures including Joe Biden and others, is running in the small 13th House of Delegates District in Virginia against conservative Bob Marshall.

Danica Roem is a member of a heavy metal band called "Cab Ride Home," based in Manassas, Virginia. According to their website, Cab Ride Home's style of music is "drunken thrash metal" and their "songs are about drinking and ... raging." Danica is still, to this day, a vocalist for this band.

Some titles of Cab Ride Home's songs include "Drunk on Arrival," "Bloodshot Memories," and "Bullets and Pepperoni." In "Drunk on Arrival," released in 2009, Danica screams "F***! F***!" at least 20 times and shouts "I am high!" at the audience. Someone (it is unclear if it is Danica) shouts out about the "liver holocaust." Voters who are still undecided should watch this video and see for themselves if an individual with this kind of "temperament" should be in the Virginia General Assembly.

Throughout the 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton argued that then-candidate Trump's "temperament" (in other words, fighting back against attacks and lack of political correctness) was a disqualifying factor. If this is true, then it also must be true that Danica Roem's temperament displayed throughout his musical career should disqualify him from holding office.

The following are statements made by Danica Roem in a video interview in 2009. Virginia voters, don't take my word for it - take Danica's. You can watch the full interview below if you would like to.

  • "We're going to play fast and get really drunk doing it."
  • "Drink more beer!"
  • "[We] only do this so we can get drunk on lots of beer."
If Danica Roem was elected, what kind of message would this send to children? You can be an open alcoholic who publicly screams vulgarities and then be elected to a public office? 

Donna Widawski, in a letter to the editor published by the Fauquier Times, put it best:

"Does Virginia’s 13th House of Delegates district want a delegate who praises violence, getting drunk and other unsuitable behavior when representing the families of Virginia?

While Danica and her band are singing the praises of getting drunk, the state police are trying to save young lives with their "Arrive Alive” program to prevent high school students from drinking and driving during homecoming and prom season.

In April 2017, Danica's band released a CD titled "Crash the Gate." One of the songs on this CD is "Thrash Mob."

A YouTube "Thrash Mob" video (no longer available online) featured a very disgusting restroom scene in a bar. While customers stand outside a single restroom stall, they make suggestive mannerisms as one by one men and women exit the stall. The last person to exit this stall is Danica wiping her mouth with her hand. Is this the type of behavior of a candidate you want representing your family?"

Of course, no article exposing Danica's unfitness to hold public office would be complete without the "elephant in the room" - the fact that Danica is a man who believes that he is a woman. He has released campaign ads showing his daily makeup routine, and of course believes that transgenderism should be promoted in school curriculum and that transgenders should be allowed to use restrooms and other private facilities based on so-called "gender identity." 

But a vote for Robert Marshall on November 7th is not just a vote against Degenerate Danica. Instead, it is also a positive vote. Like Roy Moore in Alabama, Marshall is a fighter for what he believes in and does not give in to attacks from the media or political establishment. After the Charlottesville rally, he did not condemn White Nationalists or the Alt-Right, but instead called for a federal investigation of Charlottesville for failing to protect free speech and creating an environment for Antifa violence. The following is from liberal rag Daily Kos:

Coming from the lying communist press, that sounds like a ringing endorsement!

Marshall is also strongly against the so-called "LGBT" agenda.

Bob Marshall has my ringing endorsement. If you live in the Thirteenth District, vote on November 7th. To find your district, type your address into this tool: