School District Directs Police Department To Investigate Memes

From the Dallas Morning News Friday:

"Some alumni, parents and students at J.J. Pearce High School in Richardson were shocked to see racist memes making the rounds on social media this week.
The memes began circulating days before Pearce and rival Richardson High face off in a football game at 7 p.m. Thursday.

Richardson ISD and city police are trying to identify who's responsible for the offensive pictures, the district said. If the culprits turn out to be students, they will be disciplined, said Chris Moore, the district's chief communications officer."


And from the district's official statement:

This trending situation has, understandably, provoked many involved with the PHS and RHS communities. District officials are working with law enforcement and have begun identifying those responsible. All will be disciplined accordingly.

Yes, this is not fake news. The police - in America - are investigating people for posting offensive memes. 

I don't care how distasteful the memes in question were. In this country, we have FREE SPEECH. These were posted outside of school hours, and thus, the Tinker v. Des Moines "substantial disruption" standard does not apply (that case only references the "schoolhouse gates.") We are entering very dangerous territory where leftist schools are seizing essentially absolute, unchecked power to regulate the expression and political activity of students, even outside of school. 

This is not even about KKK memes. Last year, several students were suspended for LIKING a "homophobic" Twitter post. For some reason, they didn't sue, even though they had a slam-dunk case. Schools like this count on students not knowing their rights. 

And these are not isolated cases. To the left, which has total control over the school system, freedom of speech is an obstacle to creating a "diverse" and "tolerant" society - without opinions they disagree with. 

Instead of investigating memes, the police should be investigating certain school officials who reject one of the fundamental principles of our republic - free speech. They must either cease using their power to target people who offend, annoy, or disagree with them, or resign their jobs. 

"Hate speech" - whatever that means - is absolutely free speech. 

I hope the people responsible, if they are caught and suspended, find a good attorney. What the school did was illegal. 

Make Speech Free Again.