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Northern Virginia High School Plans "Trayvon Day" As Part Of Black History Spirit Week

The Black Student Union (BSU) at Oakton High School in Oakton, Virginia, part of the Fairfax County Public School district has organized a "black history spirit week," to run from February 21-24, 2017.

In a Twitter post made February 18, the BSU announced the event, to include days such as "Afrocentric day," "Black-out day," and of course, "Trayvon Martin Day."
Last week of black history month is among us, and here are the spirit days we planned✔️come out and show your support! — Oakton BSU (@oakton_bsu) February 18, 2017 The Black Student Union informed ResistanceMedia that the event was not formally sponsored by the administration, but that's not saying much.

According to several BSU members, the school administration tried to walk back their support of Trayvon Day due to criticism from "white boys," but the event is going on regardless, with the tacit support of the majority of the fa…

SOURCES: Political Chaos at Patriot High School as Administration Forces "Diversity" Down Students' Throats

Numerous sources, who would like to remain anonymous have informed ResistanceMedia that Patriot High School in Nokesville, VA (at the western end of Prince William County) has become the epicenter of a political conflict. On one side, according to our sources, are the majority of the faculty and a handful of vocal leftist students. On the other side are a group of conservatives who mainly want politics kept out of the classroom. The majority of the students are apathetic or in the middle.

The conflict is about a hallway near the school library - ironically named after former President Ronald Reagan - which the "International Club", with cooperation from certain school employees, has plastered with large posters proclaiming the school's "diversity." They read, "As one, we are [insert identity here.]" One of the posters allegedly contains the Black Power symbol, a raised black fist, which has been linked to communist and black supremacist organizations.

School Counselors Exposed

School Counselors. When the term comes to mind, most people think of loving, kind professionals who help students with their school experience.

However, the facts show that most school counselors are elitists, political propagandists, and derisive to parents and their values. Some school counselors also buy into radical psychiatric theories which hold that socially conservative viewpoints are a form of mental illness.

It is important to note that this article is not an indictment of all school counselors. Rather, it is an indictment of the majority of school counselors, as well as their leadership. There are of course some school counselors who do provide legitimate academic support to schools. However, as a whole, school counselors are an undermining force against parents and families, their rights, and their values.

The most important piece of evidence against school counseling is provided by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), the nation's largest school counselor …

Indoctrination Backfires: Today's High School Students Are Most Conservative in 70 Years

Numerous studies have confirmed that the high school students of today are the most politically conservative generation in the past 70 years, in spite of -- or perhaps because of -- the incessant leftist and Cultural Marxist propaganda disseminated through the public school system.

The first main survey to support this conclusion was conducted by marketing firm The Guild, which interviewed 2,000 14- and 15-year-olds late last year. The conclusions of the survey were shocking. 59 percent of "Generation Z" held conservative views on same-sex marriage, "transgender rights", and the legalization of marijuana.

"According to the report, which was published in The Times, 59 percent of Generation Z respondents said they leaned toward the conservative end of the spectrum. Only the Silent Generation was more conservative than this group.By comparison, 83 percent of Millennials and 85 percent of Generation X respondents described themselves as “quite liberal” or “very lib…

VICTORY: President Trump Abandons Obama Transgender Bathroom Diktat

President Trump's Justice Department stated today that they will no longer defend the Obama administration diktaton transgender bathrooms in public schools, which would have lead to mixed-gender facilities such as locker rooms and bathrooms.

The so-called guidance has already been blocked from being implemented nationwide by a federal judge in Texas last August. 
According to the most fake name in news, CNN, a hearing had been scheduled on the Obama administration's appeal, but the Justice Department canceled the hearing, signaling that both parties were in agreement that no law requires schools to open up girls' bathrooms to boys who allegedly "identify as female."

By the logic of Ryan McElveen and his comrade Ryan Sawyers, both leftist school board members in Northern Virginia, this move should shut down all transgender school bathroom policies nationwide. In May 2015, the Obama Education Department sent a letter to school boards claiming that Title IX (a law pr…

The Case for Book Banning

Whenever reasonable measures are introduced to give parents more control over what messages their children are exposed to at school, the left always reverts to hysterics about "book banning" and "censorship." However, these arguments are frivolous, intellectually dishonest, and without merit.

First of all, laws and policies (such as Virginia's proposed law allowing parents to block their children from reading sexually explicit content in their public school classrooms) do not constitute book banning. All these policies do is require schools to notify parents if their children will be reading sexually explicit material as part of official, formal class instruction. They do not affect what students can read in the school library, or what can be informally taught in class. This is why such policies are too weak - they simply serve to placate parents, and don't actually do much to prevent explicit "literature" from getting into the hands of children a…

Arlington, VA Teacher Deletes Twitter Account After Calling All Trump Voters "Idiots"

Wakefield High School teacher Douglas Burns has deleted his Twitter account, @MrBurnsWHS, after it was reported that he had made numerous derogatory statements about Trump supporters as well as promoted drug use.

From, Feb. 1, 2017:

In a series of tweets, Wakefield High School (located in Arlington County, Virginia) teacher Douglas Burns attacked President Donald J. Trump, using profanity in some of them.Caption: Teacher Douglas Burns calls President Trump an "asshole" in a tweet posted Jan. 29. Caption: Also on Jan. 29, Burns compared Pres. Trump to "Fueher" Adolf Hitler.Caption: On Inauguration Day,  teacher Douglas Burns praised an anti-Trump protest group distributing free marijuana, claiming that marijuana use is "already making America great again."Caption: In a Dec. 22 tweet, Burns again compared Pres. Trump to Adolf Hitler.Caption: A teacher at Wakefield High School calls President Trump's victory in the election "an a…

NoVA Teacher: 59M Americans Are "Idiots", Marijuana Will "Truly Make America Great Again"

In a series of tweets, Wakefield High School (located in Arlington County, Virginia) teacher Douglas Burns attacked President Donald J. Trump, using profanity in some of them.

Absolutely, Mr. Burns does have the right to express his opinions, including via social media. This is not a call for governmental censorship. However, it is a call to investigate if the tone he presents via Twitter is also the tone he presents in class.

I wonder how many parents with students in Douglas Burns' classes voted for President Trump. Does he consider them idiots? Does that color his interactions with their children in class? These are questions which must be answered and fully investigated.

Further, consider what the response would be if a conservative teacher had published the exact same things, but instead, had degraded the "millions of idiots" who had voted for FORMER President Obama or Hillary Clinton? The teacher would be fired. Would it not be fair to apply disciplinary action equ…