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Who's behind ResistanceMedia? ResistanceMedia is administered by one person, although anyone may contribute articles for publication by contacting The webmaster of is anonymous and will not reveal his identity - so don't ask. 

Why are you anonymous? As explained in the About section, the individual behind this website is anonymous due to personal experiences of discrimination, targeting, and smear campaigns.

Are you a racist? The term "racist" means next to nothing - and is simply a slur itself against any (White) person who disagrees with the establishment narrative. If you are asking whether or not this website promotes hatred against people due to race, the answer is no. However, there should be no reason to even ask this question because doesn't even discuss race. 

How can I follow your site on social media? is active on Twitter at @schooltyranny16

What do you think about teachers and other school employees who do their job well and don't try to indoctrinate students? ResistanceMedia is not against all or even necessarily most school employees. ResistanceMedia exposes incompetence, corruption, and indoctrination in the school system and does not oppose legitimate education in any way. 

Are you associated with the anti-Trump "Resistance?" No. As one commentator pointed out, the so-called "Resistance" against President Trump is just old partisan politics with a new name. Further, this is largely an astroturfed phenomenon funded by liberal billionaires such as George Soros as well as corporations and activist groups. We have been using the name "ResistanceMedia" for over a year - while the left has been using the term "Resistance" for no more than a couple of months. 

Why do you hate gay people? This is another libel. Opposing the homosexual agenda and its promotion in school does not equal hate for homosexuals themselves. Stop reading Blue Virginia and wake up to the truth!

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VIDEO: Public School Teacher Shoots Trump With Water Gun; Screams "Die!"

UPDATE: 4:00 PM, January 26, 2017 - The teacher has been identified as Payal R. Modi, who teaches Art in a Dallas, TX high school. This article has been featured in several major media outlets including Fox News and Thank you to all readers who commented as well as shared this article with the media!

A video shows an unidentified public school teacher firing a water pistol at an an image of President Donald J. Trump projected onto the classroom whiteboard.

The video was apparently taken during President Trump's inauguration, but was not posted to Twitter and YouTube until this evening.

As President Trump takes the stage, the teacher lunges towards the whiteboard and repeatedly fires the water pistol while screaming "DIE." She then begins whimpering and fires the pistol several more times. Students can be heard in the background saying "Hit him" as she fires at the projection of Trump.

You can view the full 9-second video below:

As of now, the…

Indoctrination Backfires: Today's High School Students Are Most Conservative in 70 Years

Numerous studies have confirmed that the high school students of today are the most politically conservative generation in the past 70 years, in spite of -- or perhaps because of -- the incessant leftist and Cultural Marxist propaganda disseminated through the public school system.

The first main survey to support this conclusion was conducted by marketing firm The Guild, which interviewed 2,000 14- and 15-year-olds late last year. The conclusions of the survey were shocking. 59 percent of "Generation Z" held conservative views on same-sex marriage, "transgender rights", and the legalization of marijuana.

"According to the report, which was published in The Times, 59 percent of Generation Z respondents said they leaned toward the conservative end of the spectrum. Only the Silent Generation was more conservative than this group.By comparison, 83 percent of Millennials and 85 percent of Generation X respondents described themselves as “quite liberal” or “very lib…

Falls Church High School Administrators Distributing Anti-Trump Protest Symbols to Teachers, Students

Update 11/21/2016: An anonymous comment on, claiming to be one of the students pictured in this article, has asked for the removal of one of the images. The image was publicly posted on Twitter by the student, but to respect the privacy of the student, the image has been blurred to hide identifying facial features. 

Photos circulated via Twitter show "safety pins" distributed to students and teachers by the staff and "student leadership" (i.e. puppet government) of Falls Church High School. The "safety pin" is a symbol first used in the aftermath of the United Kingdom's historic "Brexit" vote to leave the European Union and reclaim their national sovereignty. Now, after Donald J. Trump's electoral victory, anti-Trump protesters are using the safety pin to symbolize opposition to his policies and rhetoric.

From theIndependent Journal Review: A movement has started in the U.S. of people wearing a safety pin in order to d…