Who's behind ResistanceMedia? ResistanceMedia is administered by one person, although anyone may contribute articles for publication by contacting resistancemediaorg@gmail.com. The webmaster of ResistanceMedia.org is anonymous and will not reveal his identity - so don't ask. 

Why are you anonymous? As explained in the About section, the individual behind this website is anonymous due to personal experiences of discrimination, targeting, and smear campaigns.

Are you a racist? The term "racist" means next to nothing - and is simply a slur itself against any (White) person who disagrees with the establishment narrative. If you are asking whether or not this website promotes hatred against people solely due to race, or believes that all members of any particular race are categorically evil, the answer is no. 

How can I follow your site on social media? ResistanceMedia.org is active on Twitter at @schooltyranny16

What do you think about teachers and other school employees who do their job well and don't try to indoctrinate students? ResistanceMedia is not against all or even necessarily most school employees. ResistanceMedia exposes incompetence, corruption, and indoctrination in the school system and does not oppose legitimate education in any way. 

Are you associated with the anti-Trump "Resistance?" No. As one commentator pointed out, the so-called "Resistance" against President Trump is just old partisan politics with a new name. Further, this is largely an astroturfed phenomenon funded by liberal billionaires such as George Soros as well as corporations and activist groups. We have been using the name "ResistanceMedia" for over a year - while the left has been using the term "Resistance" for no more than a couple of months. 

Do you hate gay people? ResistanceMedia.org is strongly opposed to all forms of degeneracy including the homosexual and transgender agendas. 

If you have additional questions, please contact resistancemedia@protonmail.com.