About Us

- Updated July 20, 2017

ResistanceMedia.org is Northern Virginia's top source for independent news, especially when it comes to issues relating to the public school system, Cultural Marxism, and government transparency.  

ResistanceMedia.org focuses on smashing the tyranny of cultural Marxism through accurate, truthful, and reliable journalism. This site does have a bias - but so does the dishonest lying mainstream press. The only difference is that I am honest up front about my biases, unlike the mainstream media, which pretends to be an objective guardian of truth while in fact possessing globalist, anti-white, and liberal bias. 

Contributors to ResistanceMedia.org are as anonymous as they would like to be. The person behind this website is also anonymous. This anonymity is due to personal experiences of discrimination, targeting, and smear campaigns.

ResistanceMedia.org has used the name "Resistance media" for over a year as of February 2017 and as such is not affiliated with the recent so-called "Resistance" against President Donald Trump.

There are several websites and social media accounts which have recently sprung up under a similar name, such as resistmedia(dot org), which is a radical leftist and anti-White website registered in December, 2016. ResistanceMedia.org is in no way affiliated with that website or any others like it. Those pages have unethically appropriated our name. 

In order to contact ResistanceMedia to ask questions or submit information, please send an email to resistancemedia@protonmail.com.